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Wednesday, July 21

Geography Lesson


Outfit details:
Anthropologie Cartography Cardigan
American Apparel triblend tank
J. Crew Wednesday poplin skirt
Gap leather ballet flats
Amanda Gary bag 

I constantly find myself attracted to themed clothing. I love wacky prints and motifs and am willing to dress like an "art teacher" almost every day of the week. When I put this outfit together, I thought to myself that this cardi would be an excellent topper for a geography instructor. Which is totally hilarious considering I have a terrible sense of direction.

This is what I ended up wearing to run around town in on Friday. I love casual-quirky outfits since they can work overtime. Case in point: I wore this from errand running to work to a very special birthday celebration and didn't have to add or take away any pieces to make them work for all three occasions. Or maybe my daily dressup has just evolved to the point that I think I can wear whatever I want anywhere everyday... I've been throwing out the idea of appropriate for specific occasions and wearing what I really want lately. It's resulted in more hits than misses and a lot more fun!

And a quick note about today's minishoot: my little sister was kind enough to snap these photos in the backyard when I visited last week. Since I'm totally comfortable with her as my photographer, we ended up goofing off and resulted with more outtakes than usable blog photos. For anyone who thinks I look at all angry or mean when I don't smile in photos, don't be fooled. This is what I'm really like most of the time.

She told me to go "rarr!" like a tiger here. Mostly giggling ensued. My velociraptor hands are not cute!

 I think I was explaining what a tripod looks like/does here. Or maybe I was talking about how big the cookie cake was that I planned to eat later. Or maybe I was singing London Bridge?

She knows how to capture my most charming moments :)


  1. Super cute pics! And I LOVE the Cartography Cardi! I wear mine with just about anything!

    xx Vivian @

  2. I love this outfit! I'm so sad that I missed out on the Cartography cardigan. My husband is a geographer/cartographer (he makes digital maps & analyzes the data that goes into making maps, etc.) so wouldn't it have been fun to wear it to his office while picking him up for lunch? Or maybe that would have been dorky! ha ha :-)

  3. Wow, I never noticed the gorgeous blue in the Cartog. Cardi until you paired it w/ that blue tank. What a lovely cardi!

  4. You are so cute it kills me! Love your beautiful summery outfit and your joyful and smiling pictures. I say your sister should photograph you more often!

  5. I totally agree with Anon. I always thought the cardi was kind of muddled and brown but the blue really pops in your pics!

    And I agree with the other gals - your sis should photograph you more often. You can make her your blogee intern! :o)

  6. Ahhh, Jinah, these photos are too cute!

  7. Fun pics & cute outfit!
    ~ Athena

  8. Hey :D
    I quite like your blog as it is so many-sided.
    Are you interested in a link-exchange??


    See you, Sabrina. >>


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