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Friday, July 9

Cat Lady in Training

photos by Jeanie 

Outfit details:
Anthro Botanical Stroll dress (item #18131540) (similar here and here)
Swedish Hasbeens Super High clogs in Mustard 

I had my fingers crossed since the day I saw this dress on the Anthropologie website that it would go on sale. I loved the flirty vintage inspired cut, and the romantic feel of the watercolor print. I knew it had to be mine, but it would only be possible for less than $100. There was a lot of wishing and worrying in between--I popped by both local stores very often and stalked the heck out of this dress. Finally, FINALLY, it got marked down a few weeks ago, and I flew to the store to grab it. Now my cat print dress collection is up to two. (I returned the Zara Miu Miu inspired piece, if you follow me on Twitter). Can't have enough cat dresses.

I think this will be perfect for the rest of this lazy hazy summer and I'll be able to wear it for spring seasons to come. The lightweight fabric is the perfect weight for these crazy hot and humid days in Atlanta.

Now what's next to lust after for weeks and weeks at a time? Well, almost an identically cut dress:

Sugar & Cream Dress, $158

The colors take it almost all the way through winter, but it's on my wishlist for fall. Maybe it would be a suitable birthday dress... Hmm... Or maybe a very merry unbirthday once I'm done sorting through my hoarder loot. De-hoarded and awarded? Sounds like a good deal to me.


  1. Cute dress! It looks great on you!

  2. You look beaaaautiful Jinah! And I love your mustard Hasbeens look awesome with the dress. I've worn my black ones with it, but your suits it much better :) And sigh, I am so in love with that second dress too. It's my birthday coming up, so maybe I can celebrate that and you can celebrate your unbirthday with it? =)

  3. I have a mission for you! When I actually have money to spend on clothes I want to recruit you to help me look cute! I am in such a funk and have no idea what looks good on me! :(

  4. You look adorable in that dress and those shoes are perfect with it! I'm with you on the Sugar & Cream Dress. It's definitely on my wishlist. :-)

  5. {such a beautiful color for summer!!! nice pick!}

  6. I must admit, I didn't dig this dress at first, but the cut and color are great on you, and I think the print fits in with your sometimes eclectic sensibilities. Greating pairing with the clogs!

  7. Or "great" pairing. Sigh - this "English" thing, harhar.

  8. perfect dress! simply adorable!!

  9. Love the cat dresses! And teacup dress? Sign me up!


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