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Monday, July 12

A Spoonful of Sugar...


Outfit details:
Forever 21 Silhouette Cardigan (thanks Danielle!)
Anthro Circle the Globe skirt
Gap leather ballet flats 

When Danielle of What Would Emma Pillsbury Wear? emailed me to let me know that I won the silhouette cardigan giveaway (the original winner forfeited their prize, lucky me!), I was ecstatic! Even more perfect was the most perfect occasion to wear it to. Julie Andrews (yes, the Julie Andrews!) did a book signing in Decatur and I was lucky enough to score tickets. She writes children's books in addition to being musically and theatrically talented and idolized. Little Shop of Stories hosted the event featuring her newest book The Very Fairy Princess.

I got my Mary Poppins garb on and smiled the entire evening. No photos of the event or of Ms. Andrews were allowed, and I wasn't interested in missing out on the opportunity to be starstruck and flustered, so here is the next best thing--the window display.

photo by Leigh Anne (of the supergroup Book Club)

Many people (myself included) were totally blown away by her presence. She was extremely gracious, polite, and spoke in that breathy regal voice that I could never be sure was natural (it is!). I got so tongue-tied I forgot to point out that my sweater had her likeness on it. It was the perfect kickoff to a relaxing weekend.

Hope yours was just as great!

Event hosted by:
133A East Court Square
Decatur, Georgia 30030
(404) 373-6300


  1. I'm so jealous! The Sound of Music is one of my favorite movies of all-time. I'm a big Julie Andrews fan. How fun!

  2. oh wow! that's so cool! and i really like your cardi!

    ~pie (

  3. How awesome!! And cool sweater too! ;-)

  4. Jinah, I have no words for this outfit. It is just perfection!!! :) You look incredible, and eeee! at getting to see Julie Andrews in it =)

  5. I just love this outfit! So cute and adorable! And the braid is the cherry on top!


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