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Tuesday, July 13

Feeling Bright



Outfit details:
Anthro Double Torsade necklace
Anthro Walk-a-Ways Dress (similar here and here)
Gap leather ballet flats (much like these)
Orla Kiely classic handbag in crosshatch stem print
The Look for Less: (necklace), (dress), (flats), (bag).
I'm definitely a dress kind of girl, and the recent trend of top and skirt combo dresses is my favorite. This piece in particular is what I still consider to be the grandmother of all "twofer" dresses. When the catalog featuring this piece came out, there was a frenzy for this frock. I had never seen anything like it, and apparently neither had my customers. For the first time I could remember, we had a waiting list long enough to sell all of them before they even made it onto the sales floor.

At first I resisted since the skirt was a really bright traffic cone orange in person. But I knew that it would fly out of the store and it was one of those pieces that would get away if I wavered. So I took a chance on her, and it's been a great relationship together ever since. I originally griped that I wished she was peacock blue instead of safety orange, but then eventually that colorway was available too. I bought her sister too and they are both here to stay.

I don't know how the orange one made its way into maybe territory, but I'm claiming it back. So far, it looks like this rack clearing project is resulting in a lot of keepers (whoops!). However, there are still plenty of stragglers, and it looks like some of those pieces some of you have emailed me about might be sent away soon.


  1. Orange looks so good on you! It's one of my favorite colors. I'm also loving the top-skirt dresses, although I've been trying to do it with dresses/skirts and actual tops/skirts...

    Btw, I loved your Julie Andrews post. You looked practically perfect in every way for that event. How wonderful you got to see and meet her! Have you read the bio about her? It's really good -- she's had a fascinating life.

  2. Ooh, look at all that orange you are rocking! :) I have the Walk-a-Ways in your wished-for blue but I haven't worn it yet, as I bought it for the crazy second-cut price in October, just when it was getting a littttle too cool for sun dresses. Clearly it is time to pull it out now though!! =)

  3. Cute! I have the dress in the striped top version but I'm loving the orange skirt on yours!

    xx Vivian @

  4. I adore this! You look SO good in orange! :)

  5. I love this dress on you, and honestly you're one of the few people I've seen pull it off so beautifully! I looked like a pregnant hippie in it! LOL.
    Orange suits you lady - gorgeous!!

  6. This is such a cheery, fun outfit! :-)

  7. Oh, I forgot that I wanted to ask you a question about the necklace. I've been thinking about getting it to wear with my lavender Tiny Windows dress because I think I need a brighter color by my face since the dress is kind of pale. I just bought the coral Cylindrical Braid belt to wear with the dress also. Do you happen to know if the necklace would match that belt? I think they're probably in the same color family, right?

  8. oh i'm just dying over this!!! i looooove the orange!
    you always look so put together--and i mean that!

  9. Joann--I really want to read her bio! She was extremely kind and regal and beautiful in person and I just wanted to know everything about her!

    Anjali--This is the easiest to wear dress ever! Despite the fact that it is bright orange, it can easily go very casual or dressy. I'm sure you look gorgeous in the royal blue colorway.

    DiamondsandTulle--I loved the stripe and green version and wanted it too, but three of the same dress seemed craycray.

  10. Leah--You're so sweet :)

    Kim--Thanks, lady! But to be honest, there was a moment in the day when I was running errands I thought OH CRAP someone's going to ask how far along I am.

    Debbie--I think the double torsade necklace in coral would be awesome with the lavender tiny windows dress! I haven't seen the cylindrical belt in person, but from the shot on the site it looks like they'd pair well together. I was thinking deep browns with that dress--rich buttery shoes or boots and maybe a beaded or brass necklace?

    WWANW--That's the nicest ever! Thanks Tania!


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