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Tuesday, July 27

Red Hot




Outfit details:
Anthro dress (Spring 2009) (similar here and here)
Swedish Hasbeens Peep Toe Super High sandals
Target multichain bracelet (similar here)
Mulberry Alexa bag (similar here)

I feel like this set of photos sums up how I've been doing the past several days. Feeling slightly disheveled, being really uncomfortable from the heat, but trying to keep sunny in spirit despite my jam-packed schedule and the miserably hot weather. It's hard to stay inspired to look cute when inside I am thinking only I'm melting, I'm melting! So I pulled out my brightest easy frock, paired it with my favorite accessories, and pleased with the result, paraded around town in my ensemble.

And in support of this month's project theme, I made sure to shop this number out of my closet. I love this dress to pieces but only pull it out once in a blue moon. For most people with limited closet real estate, this means it doesn't make the cut. I'm not sure if I can let go of this one yet, but I might be more willing after my upcoming move. The closet size is significantly smaller in my new place--seriously, to the point where I might start trying to stash things in kitchen cabinets and in the oven.

As far as the rack I planned to clear this month, I found that I have hit a roadblock. Everything left that I haven't worn is either the wrong season (wool, jackets, or long sleeves) or are special occasion dresses. Everything that could easily slip into my daily wardrobe for work and play made easy transitions into my regular wardrobe. Now more than ever I know what I wear and what I will wear to better judge future purchases.

But, wow. I was shocked at how many party dresses found their way crammed onto there. How many fancy dresses does a girl need? It's not like I'm constantly attending charity balls or weddings. I love how they look, I love wearing them to events, but they aren't practical for my day-to-day life. I think for now I will pack them with plans to figure out their place in the new house. But like I mentioned before, considering the closet space I'll be working with, I'm going to have to send many of them away.


  1. I love this red dress, especially paired with yellow- adorable! Definitely agree with you that this heat is a damper on outfit creativity- I just want to throw on my bathing suit and go, but realize that wont get me real far!!

  2. How did I miss this dress last year? So cute!

  3. I'm feeling the heat in SC too, Jinah. I feel the creativity inside of me melting away with the sun and just want to wear a bathing suit (just like DEA). Anwyay, I love your outfit and that Mulberry Alexa is gorgeous!

  4. The color is so unexpected for lace, yet so, so perfect on you!

  5. I always loved that dress but never bought it. You totally rock it!! Lovin' the yellow clogs and the Alexa bag with it too. :)
    The heat totally stinks and I just keep yearning for fall!
    ~ Athena

  6. Oh my, that dress is beautiful!! And you styled it perfectly, the yellow shoes are a great match for it! :)

  7. The cut and color of that dress is gorgeous on you! You really do need to wear it more often!

  8. Oh but how I LOVE party dresses too and they deserve space in the closet if not only because they make us all feel pretty and ready to play dress up at any given moment! Love the red dress Jinah! If you decided to part with it, let me know!

    xx Vivian @

  9. Super pretty!
    Love the clashing coral and yellow and i'm seriously coveting that satchel


  10. What a pretty dress! The Hasbeens look great with it.

    - V from The Sweet Roads

  11. ohhh LOVE this outfit! from head to toe ;)


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