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Thursday, July 8

Reclaimed: Cream and Rainbow Specked Dress



Outfit details:
Vintage 70s dress (similar here and here)
Anthropologie Looping Lanes belt
Madewell the Wooden Wedge
Rebecca Minkoff MAC clutch
The Look for Less: (dress), (belt), (wedges), (bag).

Continuing my shopping off the rack de-hoarding project, comes the debut of this little vintage (I think!) dress. I found it among the racks at Rag-O-Rama and was thrilled when it fit perfectly. This piece was actually on the "needs alteration" side of the rack with my Carrillo dress. When I bought it, it came pre-loved and full of holes!

I still haven't patched it back up, but for the day, my trusty belt covered up most of the gaps. I just told myself the holes on the side just added to the much needed ventilation for this heat wave weather in Atlanta. Like I had gills to swim through the thick humid air.

I'm definitely keeping this one. It feels a few different needs in my closet--a cool 70s vibe dress, a cream colored frock, a tweedy rainbow chip speckled piece, and the obvious easy peasy Roman or pre-AD costume base.


  1. I love the dress. It fits you really well. Definitely don't see any holes. And your bag is gorgeous.

  2. I love all the brown accessories. What a gorgeous outfit. :)

  3. Isn't it awesome to "find" something in your closet that you originally wrote off?

    I have a huge bag of "to donate" clothes that unfortunately I haven't donated yet bc I keep taking stuff out of there and putting new-old things back in.


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