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Tuesday, July 6

Wearing a Seafarer's Map




Outfit details:
Anthropologie Double Torsade necklace
Forever 21 striped sweater top (similar here and here)
Lithe Seafarer's Map skirt (from 2007?) (similar here and here)
Rebecca Minkoff clutch in Harewood
Target Wakeisha sandals (similar to these!)
The Look for Less: (necklace), (top), (skirt), (bag), (flats). 

This entire outfit (well, the clothing part anyway) was built from pieces on my maybe rack. It's funny how things can end up there. I try to weed out older items all the time, and new things automatically go here until I wear them. This project is feeling successful so far; the rack is half empty and for the first time in a while, I have enough empty hangers to do laundry.

I picked up this sweater after failing to snag the Milly cashmere version (of Emma Pillsbury fame). Those were mysteriously and disappointingly sold out in my size long before I got to them.  So I knew the sweater was definitely a keeper, but the weather has not been very permitting for dark colored knits. When it cooled down a little bit this Independence Day weekend, I jumped at the chance to pull it out. I never thought I'd be relieved that it was 80 degrees outside, but 80 instead of brutal 95 degree weather felt glorious and cool enough for sweaters.

Anjali managed to spot this lovely skirt among the many things I had crammed on that rack. I've been on the fence for several months about this skirt. It's white, which I rarely wear on top or on the bottom; and I felt like I never had quite the right top to pair with it. In fact, the last time I did pull it out, I wore an almost identical outfit. It's hard for me to justify having a skirt that can only be paired with one kind of top.

I still can't figure out what I want to wear with it, but I've been holding onto it for so long since it has that classic Anthropologie feel. This is what I shop for, especially there--really quirky standout pieces you don't see anywhere else. I think this one's going to hang around for a while, even if I end up wearing it with a black tank the next time around. (And atleast this time I didn't spill curry on it!)


  1. love this skirt, please keep it! :)

  2. You look SO cute! I love the striped top with that skirt and the necklace is the perfect accessory!

  3. you are so gorgeous! love the stripes on you :)
    loving the blog!
    great posts
    stop by some time xx

  4. Love this look Jinah! I remember when that skirt was in stores - so cute. :) I think that skirt would look good with a pink colored tee/tank as well, like the pink color in your necklace. Or just a cute white top with a ruffle trim...just some ideas for ya! :)
    ~ Athena

  5. Oh I love this outfit, Jinah!!! The pops of orangy red are so gorgeous on you!

    Yeah at first I was like "gasp! how is she wearing a sweater!"- but I agree, when the temps just cool off a bit, I feel like I can almost wear long pants again ;)

  6. wow i want that skirt! I love that you put this together from items on your "maybe" rack. The temps dropped 10 degrees in the last hour here in NYC, it's now 90 degrees instead of 100 and I almost feel like I need a sweater myself! Now I understand the florida effect!

  7. Thank you for the birthday photo!

    And even though that skirt is hard to wear, you look great in it and it's wonderful!

  8. I love that skirt so much!

  9. cute look with the striped top paired with the floral skirt. I've been obsessing over anything striped lately!!

  10. Yay, the Seafarer's Skirt made the cut!! It's so cute on you :) And I have that Milly sweater -- you are so much wiser going the F21 route, it looks like an almost exact dupe!!

  11. I love the skirt; it is very classic Anthro. It reminds me of the days when I worked there back in '05! I can see how it would be hard to work with, though I love the striped top. What about something yellow with it??


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