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Monday, July 19

Half-off Sale at Squash Blossom

image by hope

photo by Santi
Sorry it's been mighty quiet around these parts! I've been doing prepwork for and working this sale the past few days. I will be in one of these shirts and wearing extremely comfortable shoes for the next few days, so I can't promise I'll have an inspiring outfit until Thursday of this week.

But any of you locals (I know you're out there!) interested in some new Joe's jeans, Hobo bags, Tulle dresses, or Frye boots at half off, come see me. The sale's on through Thursday and I'll be there to  help dress you up!


  1. Haha. I made sure to stay away or I would be too tempted. My friends stopped by and said it was a mad house, but they both walked away with cute shoes and jackets. See you soon, I'm sure!


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