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Thursday, July 29

Atlanta Mag Contest--Last Chance to Enter and Vote!

This contest is just about to wrap up, but all of you fashionable local readers still have the chance to enter this amazing contest! The prize is extra-good this time around.

For those of you who are camera shy or out of state, cast a vote for some of my favorite blogger ladies! Click on their photo or name to vote!

Joann is one of the most ingenious dressers I've come across in my blogging adventures. Not to mention that she is sweet as pecan pie. Check out her whimsical romantic style! She gets top marks in my book.

Cath and Lar have been a powerhouse of inspiration for me as a blogger! They know the hippest places in town to eat, mingle, and of course, shop. I love their relaxed chic style and how their looks always complement each other.

And two ladies I don't know personally, but are definitely inspiring!

How hip are her eclectic and sexy looks? I love a girl who is fearless about fashion. This particular leopard and sky high clog combo is killin' it!


How fabulous is Anna's hair?! I would go thrifting with this girl any day. She has the look that would prompt me to stop her on the street and let her know how fab she is.

Good luck to those of you who are entered! I'd just love it if one of my favorites won.

While you guys are casting your votes, I will be packing my things up for my move this weekend. It feels like the preparations have snuck up on me, yikes! I'll be Internet-less until Wednesday of next week, so please be patient if you message or email me during the next few days.

(all photos from Atlanta Magazine's Head to Toe contest entries)


  1. i just submitted my pics, i technically live in atlanta now! haha

    good luck with your moving!

  2. You're a sweetheart. Thanks for the mention, Jinah! :)

  3. Thank you for the shout out Jinah!! Good Luck to the other Atlanta ladies!


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