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Wednesday, April 1




Tee, American Apparel; blazer and scarf, McQ x Target; jeans, J. Brand; shoes, Zara.

The mans and I went out to support the arts the other night. I forgot that "the arts" are not so hard edged in this city. Work dictates a completely opposite dress code from this, so I go wild with the edgy when I can.

Also this is me trying to slip back into being "cool" again. I miss being plugged into what's happening in music and art and film and food. Lately I feel as if all I know lots about is weird things on the internet that most people in my day-to-day can't really relate to. It's getting to the point where it's almost embarrassing how socially backwards I feel.

One of my BFFs told me when we first started hanging out, "You're like five friends in one! You're my going-to-independent-films friend, my going-to-shows friend, my going-to-new-restaurants-friend, my going-out-dancing friend, and my talk-about-anything friend." Yes, I'd like to think I'm all that and resume cultural tours of Atlanta. I had wild dreams about being the next Samantha Brown and to get back on track I need to do interesting things again. The other night was a good start.


  1. Just stumbled upon your blog yesterday! Love your outfits, this one especially. So cute!

  2. Lovin the scarf and those shoes look fierce!


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