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Sunday, April 5

Truth: I love toys

Yummy Breakfast keychains

The other day I mentioned to a girlfriend that I was obsessed with collecting vinyl toys. Her response was, "Huh, what are you talking about?" This came as a shock to me. As soon as I was old enough to start exploring the world on my own, I wanted to travel. And with travelling came shopping for things that are special to certain parts of certain cities in the world. I've picked up matryoshka dolls, handmade leather sandals, cameo pendants, and even candy.

In college, I insisted on visiting New York so many times. Of course, the City is full of so many wonderful places and things that are only available there, but in the height of my graphic tee-d, collectible sneakers, being cool glory days, Kidrobot was always a stop on the tour. They had wicked Mori Chack plush and ninja things and the cutest mini figurines. It was like stepping into a really hip candy store at a slightly different price point. I was so into it.

A few years later, after a brief hiatus, I still am way into it. It seems that my local stops that I visited in the past have slowly disappeared, but interestingly, Urban Outfitters carries a larger selection of blind box toys each time I visit.

I guess what my friend didn't understand was the appeal, which I can't explain. Maybe she didn't understand that they are blind boxed - they come sealed in little boxes, and you can't choose which character you get. When I get home it's like Christmas, full of joy and surprises. This is my latest haul.

Pink frosted donut. So cute, ahhh!

Mmm pancakes. They're fuzzy!

BFF toys. You get two in a box that love/hate each other.
Note my little Boo cat in the background. Heart him.



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