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Tuesday, April 28

What's Good for the Goose...

Onesie (worn as top), American Apparel; skirt, Leifsdottir; cardigan, Urban Outfitters; sandals, Zara.

It seems I can't be bothered to iron. I really need to get on that, among other things involved in being a domestic goddess.

I love the print on this skirt and was super jazzed to get it on mad sale. I didn't wear a real shirt because I got a touch of sun on my shoulders and felt too hot and itchy from a slight sunburn. I love sunny season. I'm totes down with that.


  1. OH OH OH OH LOOOOVE your skirt. Sooo cute. My style is a little more... uh, dunno the word, but I'd leave the cardigan off and trade the sandals for nude colored, maybe strappy heels and put on a chunky gold necklace and/or bangle. :)

    Definitely need to check out that Leifsdottir.

  2. listen totes. i had to google that word to see what you were saying! haha. you're great jinah and so is your skirt! xoxo

  3. I love that skirt! And your whole outfit looks gorgeous against this light blue/turquoise color on your blog. Sunny season- woot!

  4. The skirt IS gorgeous!
    FYI: Aloe Vera gel is the BEST thing for a sunburn.

  5. I absolutely love that skirt, the print IS amazing. Love how you paired it with the brown xx

  6. I love how you wear cardigans and then put a belt around it! I think that looks super cute!


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