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Thursday, April 23

Remixed. Sort of.

Vest, Zara; skirt, Anthropologie; sandals, Steve Madden.

These shoes pinch my feet and turned them black. The price you pay for fashion, I guess. And I wish the studs were shinier but I couldn't be bothered to pay return shipping. It doesn't help that I'm really weird about new shoes. I pretty much rotate between the same few pairs everyday because I don't feel like wearing my nicer shoes to work (where they will get worn into the ground). And I never wear new shoes to work because I don't want to get caught in the middle of a 8 hour shift blistered and limping and without a matching backup pair.

Hmm I think I wore literally the same outfit (minus the shoes) about a year ago. Let me hunt around in my flickr...


Okay so it was in July. I really need to figure out a different way to wear this. And that's when I still wore accessories. I remember those! I wonder where they all went??

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