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Friday, April 3

You're the boss



Dress, Moulinette Soeurs (Anthropologie brand)
Cardigan, American Apparel
Boots, Minnetonka

I rediscovered this dress yesterday. Unfortunately I discovered it rumpled at the bottom of a pile. I think it works wrinkled. The print on this rules - it is a forest scene with owls and trees and forest critters.

I'm on the verge of putting things together for the blog. Stay tuned!


  1. During the winter someone returned three of these and I regret not buying one because it was just $9.95.

  2. I love this dress ... I purchased it for $39.95 from the Anthro in Nashville ... wish I could've found it for $9.95 ... great blog ... you have a great sense of style!

  3. you're right, that print rules :) i like how you paired it with the boots.


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