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Sunday, April 26

Weekend Recap

Romper, Toast by Suzie Kondie; shrug, Anthropologie; boots, Minnetonka.

I loooove this romper. The fabric print is very fancy and perfect for this sudden rush of warm weather. Rompers are my favorite summer item of clothing. I'll have to make a special post soon with my little collection. I realized (haha, too late) that this is a little too short for work. I felt naked working in public in this. Lesson learned.

It seems like I fall off the face of the earth (well atleast online) Thursday through Monday. Sorry. I was working. Lots.

The next day atleast will be spent recuperating. It was super busy and besides working, I got a slight sunburn. Lots of ice and lots of sleep before my next post. Thanks for sticking by me, bbs.

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  1. totally adorable jumper. i love your site. :) i am saving some of your looks in my lookbook.


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