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Wednesday, April 22

Mmmm Paul Rudd

So we already talked about this, right? My not so small obsession with Paul Rudd?

Yes, I mean him. Well despite how disconnected I feel from pop culture (I don't have a television. I miss cable every. single. day.) I recently saw two movies featuring his Studliness. Well, I guess one of them just featured his voice, but since it was in 3-D so it's almost like he was there!

Monsters vs Aliens was very cute. The story was less focused on a monster vs alien fight scenario and more on Susan, the main human character. She is very likable and the story was inspiring without being too saccharine.

I like splurging on the 3D movie experience because:
1. You get neat glasses. I end up throwing them in my purses and finding them randomly when I am searching for sunglasses.
2. The kids! I love the reaction of children to outrageous things, both scary and fun. When a monster superburps at you in 3D or a bad guy reaches out for you, someone small will scream or squeal in delight (okay, sometimes this is me) and it makes moviegoing so much fun when people are really engaged.
3. The glasses hide the fact that you might be sleeping (if the movie itself is terrible) or crying (I totally cry at a lot of PG and G movies).

And more recently, I saw I Love You, Man which was hilarious. Like to the point where I thought I was going to spit out my Milk Duds all over my date. And I was kicking my feet and slapping my knees. Seriously, there were some knee slappers. Luckily this was at the drive-in -- I swear I'm not a horribly annoying moviegoer.

I think this is the first role I've seen him really get to use a full range of his talents. His character, a realtor who realizes he has no male friends, is funny and self-deprecating in very real (and sometimes familiar) ways. He's convincing as the boy-next-door type you might have known or do know now. See it if you love him already. See it if you don't get why I'm obsessed and figure it out.

This post inspired by this video, which was sent to me by one of my favorite ladies:

It's totes appropriate. Earth rocks ok.

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  1. i also love paul rudd...ever since clueless...:)


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