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Monday, April 6

Spring Break!

Spring break is in full swing around here. Since I always left town when I was in school, I forget that people come to Atlanta to visit on such occasions. And of course they do the same thing I do when I go on vacation - shop it up at places I don't have access to back home. H&M and the mall should be packed. I'm in for a fun week at work!

I finally carved out a proper couple of days to take a beach vacation in a few weeks. Unfortunately for all the spring breakers (and cold natured little me) it's chilly here and is rumored to snow tomorrow (???). Planning what to pack is helping me keep my mind off the dreary weather.

Hahaha omg apparently I've forgotten how to make things look nice in Ps.

Clockwise from top left:
Floppy straw hat, H&M, $7.90
Hayden Harnett maillot, $198
Old Navy patterned beach towel, $12.50
Kimchi and blue crisscross sandal, $38
Colored RayBan Wayfarer, $129.95

The Vanilla Coke thrown in because it is my road trip staple. For some reason I can't ever seem to find it when I'm at the grocery store, and I never go inside the gas station when filling up normally, so I indulge during road trip pit stops.

And a few more things because I love summery gear:

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