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Thursday, April 23

Shopping Adventure: H&M

In case that's not clear....

I totes broke my shopping ban. And got up early to throw some 'bows to do it.

And the girl that rang me up was even like,
"You get this fancy carrier bag! It is hot pink inside!"

Ahhh stop.

I have the day off and have been obsessing over the peacock feather cardigan from the Matthew Williamson for H&M collection. So I dragged myself out of bed and to the Atlantic Station store. There was no line (at 10:02 AM). There were only a few fashionistas to compete with. I spotted some clothes scalpers. I ignored them and pressed on.

I chatted with some associates and they said all their stock was out and it would not be replenished. I eyeballed the display. It looked like there were about two of each size of each clothing item. Leather jacket, check. Peacock dress, top, cardigan, check. Watercolor stroke print dress, check. I didn't see the long beautiful maxi dress or sequined frock or suiting pieces or jumpsuit (see the rest here). That's not what I was there for anyway. But there were like three racks. That's when the panic set in.

So I grabbed a few things to try on. A mere few!!

This was when I was still excited and hadn't peeked at price tags.
Which color?? I couldn't decide for a long time.

Still excited.
I was like a 13 year old girl and excitedly chirped to a stranger, "Did you see the pap shots of Miley Cyrus wearing this in yellow?! Nicky Hilton has this cardigan. Omgz."

Still excited.

And then I finally looked at the price tags. Ouch. The cardigan (the only thing I really set out for) was $79.90. So was the feather print dress with sleeves (which seemed like a better value as it is an outfit...). The shell was $59.90. Even the accessories were more expensive than I wanted them to be. The peacock feather necklace was $24.90. I didn't even try to go back and grab other things. I didn't dare peek at the tag on the leather jacket (which was SO HOT) even though it was buttery soft and the zipper pulls were stamped with feathers (I love).

In the end I came out with these:

I swallowed the price tag when I realized it's a cashmere blend. I thought to myself,
"That's cheaper than J. Crew!"

With so many more details


Mainly this looked cute with shorts and with the cardigan.

There were still a handful of scarves and clutches and a solid selection of clothing when I left. Let me know if anyone else braved the crowds! Is it sad that I love shopping competitively?


  1. The pink shell is stunning!

  2. These two pieces are incredible! I am always a sucker for peacock!

  3. Cute blog! Great finds at H&M~

  4. The shell is so cute, and i also noticed that miley cyrus had the yellow one on. Cute Cute.

  5. The details on the tops look amazing. I enjoyed reading your review, I wish I could have seen the collection in person!

  6. I'm still mad at H&M for not releasing the CDG collection to us. Yes, Atlantic Station is really shite, but whyyyyyy couldn't you share the Rei love???


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