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Tuesday, April 14

On Safari


Vest, Zara
Skirt, American Apparel

I feel like I talk about the weather way more than necessary, but on Friday night there was this freak tornado storm business going on. I ended up staying in the 'burbs to avoid the insane Friday night traffic (ugh compounded with the Braves season opener traffic and of course the people that cannot drive safely in a storm traffic). I pulled this out of my old closet. The colors were nice but the execution could have been better. Next time I must iron this vest.

Atleast I am shopping in my closet. I am still in the recessionista club, promise.


  1. I love how you doubled the belt. Very cute!

  2. Love the vest, especially the playful ruffle around the sleeves. Wish we had a Zara in my city.


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