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Monday, April 27

Mmmm... Armcandy

So, you guys. You guys! I get this email from Shopbop this morning.

And I immediately flashback to this post. And start to feel itchy because I'm thinking real hard about this.

1. Shopbop rarely to never gives out coupons. The last one was hardly enough to pull the trigger. 25% off competes with F&F discounts.
2. That would push the total to barely $200.


I keep watching this and drooling. They also have the Stud Devote. Halp halp omg.


  1. you must buy! it is so freaking cute :) i am also tempted by the stud devote and the hot-pink-piping one but i am not allowed to buy handbags for 50 years (or until the alex wang studded bag comes out) after splurging on some last month.

  2. great video ... makes me want to buy one! i think you should buy it ... 25% off plus free shipping ... go for it!


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