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Thursday, April 15

Conservative Dress

Outfit details: J. Crew Super 120s dress (this season's)
J. Crew Collection Zebra linen jacket (similar)
Liz Claiborne black solid pumps (similar pair)
Anthro Double Torsade necklace

Okay so today's earlier post and poll was partially to distract you from today's outfit. I felt so totally boring in this dress today.

This is for those of you who didn't quite believe me about how conservatively I feel pressured to dress for class. I had a big presentation today in one of my classes, and felt that I needed to be dressed appropriately. That is, not in a miniskirt and Chuck Taylors, as I originally wanted to wear. My professor for the class is always in a shirt and tie, and I really didn't want to be in anything short of suiting pieces.

But I felt so grumpy because I find that so boring!

So I threw on this zebra jacket for flair while I was running errands prior to class and felt so much better. Animal print in a ladylike silhouette is still pretty office appropriate, don't you think?


And then I threw on this necklace, deciding it was businessy and classy enough to be taken seriously in. I ran into the mall this morning to do some returns and exchanges and noticed that my local Anthropologie had gotten the Double Torsade necklace in. I tried on the blue one and was walking around contemplating purchasing it and received a handful of compliments from other shoppers. Those sweet comments combined with this week's Gossip Girl episode where Serena was donning a more expensive similar piece sealed the deal on this one.

$28 later, I felt satisfied that my outfit was less boring. I really liked the coral and mint colors too and wanted all three!


Thanks to those of you who chimed in on my last post. I am pretty sure the red will be the one to stick around. As proof of my gratitude, here's an outtake for giggles.

IMG_1052 copy

Speaking of gratitude, also, a big hug and kiss and thank you to Lisa of Respect the Shoes for the blog award! You are too sweet, awesome lady! I promise to pay it forward soon.


  1. What class was it for? I feel the same way about presentations for some of my classes. I think you looked fab, though. Now I need that necklace...

  2. This was for a business law class. Lawyers dress for srs bsns!

  3. I was gonna say, I never got that dressed up for grad school classes! :) I think the necklace really makes the whole thing come together. The dress is pretty and a nice fit, but I guess it does look a little boring on its own (even to this accessories newbie)!

  4. Jinah, you look stunning! Like ready-for-a-night-at-the-opera-stunning. So classic and ladylike. I'm swooning. I hope that presentation went well!

  5. I actually think the outfit looks quite nice! It may seem simple, but the cut is so flattering. It looks even better with the pop from your necklace!

    Hope your presentation went well!

  6. I actually don't think you look boring in just the dress and heels. There's something about the cut of that dress that just makes it so stunning on it's own. I like it with the jacket and necklace for some added "BAM!" though!

  7. Thanks for the shout out.

    I actually think you look pretty rockin' today. Sure, it's not casual everyday wear, but you sure know how to put it together when you need to. I do like how you put bits of your personality into the outfit though, with your jacket and necklace!

  8. Gorgeous dress and love how you added things along the way!!!

  9. e.--All of my classmates come from work dressed in at the least, button downs and khakis! It's way conservative, like whoa.

    Tara and Tien--I think it did go well, thanks ladies!

    AmyK--Thanks! I feel a lot better about option 1 now. I think working in retail has just trained me to wear extra pieces and accessories with every outfit. I felt so naked in just the dress!

    Lisa--I don't know how I put off posting that award for so long! Sometimes things slip my mind between work, school, and blogging.

  10. You look so elegant!! love this dress on you. and it's certainly NOT boring!!! Promise.

    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  11. The necklace and jacket definitely give the dress flair, but it's still a solid professional look. Good job! :) You could always try a colorful shoe or belt for added effect.

  12. The necklace makes a huge difference!

  13. I agree, per usual. I usually dress much more conservatively when giving patient presentations. I love that necklace, though! I may have to snag one this weekend. It's a great way to add a little pizzaz to an outfit!

  14. Ah, the Torsade necklace with that dress is *perfect*. You're still classy and sophisticated, but now with a bit of regular-Jinah-flair!! :)


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