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Tuesday, April 13

Hasbeens are Here!




Outfit details: Old Navy mustard cami
Secondhand J. Crew jean jacket (this year's rendition)
Pamela Barsky pins from Squash Blossom in Decatur
Beck pin from Guero tour (circa 2006?)
Tracy Feith x Target barkcloth skirt (similar-ish)
Swedish Hasbeens Peep toe Super High
H&M two finger ring (similar here)

I got my Hasbeens in the mail and couldn't wait to put them on! The ever-inspiring Erin of Calivintage recently got the same exact ones, and she has already put together some amazing outfits featuring the shoes. As tempted as I was to wear this exact outfit, I thought I would go the classic Southern lady route and go super matchy-matchy with a mustard ensemble.

Luckily, this amazing skirt just called out to me this morning. It was the only thing I wanted from the Tracy Feith for Target collaboration, but I missed out on the madness. I think I was too busy working/moving/living life at the time. For months afterward, I would sporadically do eBay searches for it, in hopes of finding one that would fit at a fair price. A several weeks ago, I finally did!

And this is a new/old jean jacket. Whenever I shop in vintage, thrift, and consignment stores, I like to keep a mental list of things I am looking for. For the past several weeks, a denim jacket was number one. Not just any old jean jacket--I wanted specifically a Gap, J. Crew, or westernwear label jacket in my size. Many trips I came up short, but yesterday I stumbled upon this stonewashed J. Crew one at Rag O Rama. I had just unloaded a bunch of clothing there and was able to get it with my earned store credit. I feel like I got this for free!!

The Beck pin was lent to my boyfriend for a bit, and I decided to steal it back. With both Maria and Kim both recently discussing Beck's awesomeness, I was totally reminded of my huge obsession.  I dug out all of my old band tee shirts and buttons and I feel like my teenage self again. Now if only I could find my Phoenix t-shirt, I would be totally happy.


  1. Cute shoes, and love the skirt! Tracy Feith was one of my favorite Target designer collections. I bought the leather jacket-- it looks much more expensive than it was!

  2. I love the entire outfit! The skirt is awesome and works so well with your clogs. I'm looking forward to your remixes over the next season.

  3. Rachel-- Oh you must share more personal style photos with us! Your closet sounds more and more amazing the more I read your blog.

    Fal--Thanks sweetness! Summer is my favorite season and I find that it shows through my dress. We'll see how it goes!

  4. did you unload anthro on rag o rama? b/c i just picked up three anthro pieces from there, and the girl said she thought an old employee sold a bunch of stuff. if it's you, let me know and i'll buy cute stuff from you directly! sarahdsimons [at] hotmail [dot] com. :)

  5. Anon--Unfortunately most of the stuff I ended up selling was American Apparel and Forever 21. But hmm... I did see a few Anthro pieces when I looked through the racks. If you went today and there are more great goodies, I might stop by and take a look! I list older Anthro items in my Bonanzle shop occasionally, so keep an eye out there!

  6. oh gosh i am so jealous!!! i've totally been eyeing those shoes! they look lovely with that outfit

  7. Those shoes are really cute - I like them, which is a surprise for me bc clogs and I don't usually mix. I like your whole ensemble - pretty/eclectic.

    And what is this Rag O Rama?

  8. Rosa--Thanks lady! I don't know how you could be jealous with this amazing influx of MK shoes! Hehe.

    Lisa--Rag-O-Rama is a clothing resale shop, similar to Plato's Closet, I guess. They generally accept "hipper" wares and have a selection of vintage as well. The one I go to is located in Little 5 Points.

  9. LOVE it. Your Hasbeens AND your skirt! Love that you went matchy matchy :D

    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  10. That skirt is fabulous. Really fabulous.

  11. oh man i wish I'd found the jacket before you :) hahah. but it's tres-cute with your outfit!

  12. New shoes! Are those the famed clogs that everyone's talking about, or am I going crazy? Hooray for the skirt eBay score – I love it when things just work like that! And also on the thrifted J.Crew denim jacket score, too! I love how blog discussions rekindled your love for Beck. He is just about 324578 shades of awesome. Did you ever see him when he did a guest spot on Futurama? Loved it!

  13. i LOVE those shoes and erin has been styling them beautifully (but i have to say, i love them with that floral dress).

  14. Sarah Esther--I'm started to feel addicted to buying thrift/secondhand. I get all nervous that if I don't go enough, someone will buy up all the amazing things. I'm so silly!

    AmyK--OMG I am a huge nerd all around and totally have that season of Futurama on DVD. And yes, these are the crazy sandals that everyone has been buzzing about. When I realized SJP was wearing them in the upcoming SATC movie, I panicked and bought them knowing that anything that isn't crazily expensive that she wears gets megapopular overnight.

  15. You look simply divine! The Beck pin is RAD and when I saw it I was like, "Is that a Beck pin? OMG" *scroll down*- YES! Score!

    You look so 70s and chic :) Awesome shoes.

  16. OMG!! that outfit is ADORABLE

  17. Great outfit Jinah! I love the matchy-matchy mustard colors. Are the Hasbeens comfortable? I've always wanted to get the boot clog. They look like they would hold up well.

  18. I love this look! I have a Target X Tracy Feith skirt, too, but it's the floral one in bright neons. I had no idea there was a barkcloth version until I saw it on Strawberry Koi's blog! I'm still trying to figure out how to style it because the colors on my skirt are SO LOUD!
    the renegade bean

  19. I love the whole outfit, but I especially love your Hasbeens! Those are the perfect color and if I could afford a pair I would totally get some in that color. I can't wait to see you walking around Decatur in them!

  20. Maria--Hahaha I have way way less cool band merch hanging around.

    Athena--For the first wear I was on my feet working (aka running around and helping people) for 7 hours and they were okay. I mean, my feet felt okay after, but the sole is hard wood and the balls of my feet felt it. The leather also rubbed on the sides of my feet for the first wear. I'm going to be honest, they're not like wearing clouds on your feet, but they're not totally uncomfortable. They're more comfortable than my Seychelles heels if that gives you a better comparison.

    Catherinesr--I would wear the neon version with either a neutral colored top (such as grey/black) or a top that pulls from one of the colors on the skirt. I think it would be cute with a flutter sleeve tee too!

    Cath--You can borrow mine! :)


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