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Wednesday, April 21

Art Teacher Outfit





Outfit details: 
Anthropologie Wright Dress
Anthropologie Double Torsade Necklace
BDG Shawl Collar Cardigan (now on sale!)
Swedish Hasbeens Super High in Mustard
Thrifted bag (similar here, here, and here.)

After last week's formal presentation, I thought, heck, why not wear whatever I want to school this week? Normally I'll err on the safe side since my trek to class from wherever I end up parking can be across the street from my building or as far as 20 minutes away on foot.

Hooray for this amazingly awesome dress that finally made its way into my closet! During my ban, I got really antsy as sizes began to sell out online. I must have pestered my local Anthro girls every other day to let me know if there were any left in my size!

I feel like I am wearing an "art teacher" outfit today, in the best way possible. Like I am Ms. Frizzle on the Magic School Bus doing a lesson on the history of aviation.

I mean really, if I could theme my outfits around what adventure I'd be having that day? I totally would.


  1. I love the Magic Schoolbus! I feel like running out and buying all the books for my kids.

  2. Eeek Jinah! That dress is utter perfection on you. I'm in love with your outfit today and love the Magic Schoolbus reference!

  3. Love this outfit! You're so good at accessorizing. I swear I'd never like clogs, but those mustard ones are really changing my mind.

  4. Awe, you look so cute and I loved that you said you felt like an art teacher! I have to admit that I AM an art teacher, and I've worn this dress to school!! Lol, your comment made me laugh :-)

    ps - I've been a long time blog reader and just haven't commented, but I sure love your blog!

  5. Ummm, yeah, I don't think you could get away with that outfit in my art room. =) I'll give you Ms. Frizzle and science.

  6. Aiieee!!! I love this outfit! That dress is perfection...damn my total inability to hold up a strapless dress >.< And again, with the bright yellow heels...*sigh* I need summa those, asap.

  7. that dress is amazing! and those shoes. you seriously look incredible!

  8. Fal--Please let's read them together if you do!

    Kim--You are the sweetest!

    Tien--That's such an awesome compliment coming from you! I'm really into yellow shoes right now. It's great because most shades of yellow I can't wear.

    Carly--Welcome! :)

    Kev--Hahaha you're totally right, I forgot about the mess part of teaching art.

  9. Tara--I was having the strapless dress problem ALL DAY! Ahhh!!! I think I must have lost weight since I first tried this one because it was slipping. Sad times.

  10. I think the Wright dress was made for you - you look gorgeous today!

  11. hehe I dont think you look like Ms. Frizz at all. But your dress is very very lovely! I think you look beautiful!!

  12. you look fantastic!! that dress is adorable!

  13. Perfect color pairings lady! That necklace looks just divine with the whole ensemble. Tres chic!

  14. Hahahaha, I like your reference to the Magic Schoolbus. I loved that show!

    You totally pull off the art teacher look. I love that dress! And those sandals... I want.

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    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  15. Ahhh, Ms. Frizzle inspiration, I love it! And she would TOTALLY wear that during a lesson on aviation. I really like the way the dress looks with that taupe cardigan and I'm going to steal your idea, haha! The shoes and the handbag are just perfect, perfect touches!

  16. I'm squealing in delight over your dress, it's just too much fun. I love the Magic School Bus and loved watching the episodes weekday mornings!!

  17. You look awesome, Jinah- and like the best dressed art teacher ever! Love the swedish clog sandals too! I'm gonna have to step it up when we get together. I'm blaming it on my allergies- but I've had nooo outfit planning energies lately. Le boo.

  18. Gotta love Ms. Frizzle! :)
    You look so cute in this dress Jinah and I like how you styled it! Do you think it runs TTS?

  19. you look sooooo adorable! I am loving this necklace with the Wright dress- it is now on my wishlist! I love the ms. fizzle- reference. Her rainbow dress is awesome!

  20. Hahaha you are CRACKING me up! I was eyeing that necklace on Tuesday and decided it was maybe too Art Teachery for me. I kid you not- those exact words. I think you look PERFECT!

  21. i have to say this dress has me wishing i hadn't made a pact with myself. you look awesome in it and the shoes. you know i love em!

  22. Athena--I felt like this dress ran a little bit big. I am kind of rectangle shaped with a boyish figure and dresses cut like this are typically tight in the waist. I'd size down unless you are busty.

    Maria--Hahahaha! We must be on the same wavelength.

    Lesley--I won't tell if you won't!

  23. cute dress! i miss the magic school bus!


  24. Holy crap, you are SO CUTE. Love this outfit, truly love!! The Double Torsade is such a lovely accent with the Wright Dress :) And I had to smile at your Magic School Bus comparison -- awesome! BTW I *gave up* on this dress ever going on sale and bought it a few weeks ago because the low inventory levels were making me antsy. So glad that you managed to get it after your ban as well :)

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  26. I would TOTALLY wear that Ms. Frazzle rainbow dress! You look awesome and I love your art teacher inspired outfits!
    the renegade bean

  27. I love it I love it I love it I love it!! This blog is the shiiz, Jinah! :) Saw your post about coming to Athens and wanted to go but I'm gonna be in Illinois.. anyway enjoy yo weekend! :)


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