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Thursday, April 29

Red Plaid: Here to Stay


Outfit details:
Anthropologie Reed Shirtdress (similar here and here)
Zara crochet stretch belt (similar here, here, and here)
Gap ballet flats

I finally pulled this dress out to wear after vacillating so long on color choice! Confession: the blue one still hasn't gone back yet. I have separation anxiety. And maybe some serious guilt when I return anything.

The belt feels like a perfect rendition of a certain Anthro belt I didn't purchase.  I like the darker glossy leather on the clasp a lot better. I don't know why I don't have any stretchy belts. The flats were a shoe emergency buy in Alabama. I feel like they look very Repetto, and I don't have a pair of non-sneaker red flats right now. I put them to the test today when I walked to school. It was really nice out and my car is in the shop so I thought I'd take a stroll.

Speaking of school, it's pretty much kicking my butt right now and will probably continue to do so until I'm done with finals. If things get quiet, it's because I am locked in my room or the library with a large stack of textbooks. See you on the other side of finals week!


  1. I love the red plaid on you. The belt is really great, and it does have a certain Anthro-ish feel to it! I really like the dark leather and the macrame-like stretchy part -- it helps to break up the plaid! I thought red shoes would be too much red for the outfit, but you prove me wrong! In fact, it looks just right with the red flats! Good luck on your studies and finals!!

  2. You look adorbs. You know, if you don't feel like having 3 versions of the Reed is too much, then you might as well keep the blue plaid too- I mean they all look so good on you, and you can just wear the red and blue plaid ones months apart, maybe?
    I adore this outfit- I HATE my grey snakebite (the anthro community might disown me for saying this) but the fit is so loose and sloppy, and the buckle is so messed up after just a couple of wears :( Your belt, in contrast, is fab.
    Good luck on your finals, Jinah! I'm sure you'll do just fine ^^

  3. You look adorrrable Jinah. But i still say, keep them allll. Enable enable enable! :)
    Good luck with your studies and finals!!!

  4. That is my favorite way I've seen this dress styled - perfect with red shoes!!

  5. YAY! So glad you kept the red plaid - I loves it on you.

  6. This looks so great on you! Really, the blue looked great as well. And who says there's anything wrong with keeping all of your Reed Dresses? When you love something, you love it! So as long as you can afford them all, I don't see a problem with it.

    Keep them. If you change your mind later, you can always get your money back from Anthro.

    The cut really is flattering. And the blue and red are different enough.

  7. I missed you on the interwebs this week! We must celebrate the end of finals soon as they are over!

    P.S. I'm trying really hard not to go to Zara to buy that belt. You and I both know I sure do have a lot of belts.

  8. Ooh, that is a great Zara belt - really great for summer.

    And this is totally blog enabling, but I agree with Tara - you obviously look great in the Reed style and shirtdresses are so versatile. Why not keep all of them?

    And good luck with the exams!

  9. Nice outfit – the Reed dress is perfect on you, and I am loving the red shoes. I really need some red shoes. Will go on a hunt this weekend! Good luck with finals!

  10. absolutely adorable!!!!! love it.

  11. Those ballet flats are such a beautiful shade of red! Loving 'em.

  12. AmyK, Tara, Anjali, Lisa, e.--Thanks for your well wishes! Hopefully I'll be able to come up for air and check out what you sassy ladies are wearing this upcoming week!

    And geez, some of you are such enablers, haha! I think for now I will end up keeping the extra dress.

    Tara--I have such a hard time with the Snakebite belt!! My black one FINALLY came after SIX MONTHS of waiting and it was so...uneventful. I still have no way to wear the thing even though it's the only black belt I have.

    Fal--You can borrow mine!!

    e.--I'm usually wary of bright red anything, since I don't like people to look at me in public (I guess I am actually shy despite the existence of my blog?!). But these felt more like a tomato or a coral red so I went for it. Besides, with all of the coupons floating around online and in the store, they weren't that expensive!

  13. I LOVE this dress on you! And I love the belt. Shoot, you just look amazing all the time.

    Good luck with finals!!!

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  14. What a lovely plaid! It looks just darling with those red shoes. :)


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