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Friday, April 9

April Showers and Vintage Flowers



Outfit details: Vintage dress via swaneegrace on Etsy
Frye Sunny Multi Strap boots (similar and on sale!)
Anthropologie equestrian belt (similar here)
Marc by Marc Jacobs saddle bag (similar)

I managed to sneak in this mini shoot while it stopped drizzling--not even five minutes after, it started pouring! It's all good though--you see that yellow green business on the deck? That is crazy amounts of pollen, luckily most of which got washed away in today's rainfall. Thank goodness! I was beginning to feel like everything was getting coated in the mossy sneezy stuff.

What? Oh why, yes, this is the vintage dress I featured a few weeks ago on an Etsy post. I was surprised and pleased to find that it was a handmade piece when I received it! That means it is definitely one of a kind and feels that much more special. I will definitely enjoy this dress and cherish it for years to come!

I've been on a vintage kick lately. It is partly due to last month's shopping ban (which I told myself didn't include secondhand and thrift purchases) and maybe partially due to the thrill of finding something amazing out of an overpacked rack. I like the idea of adding totally unique pieces to my wardrobe that still works within my style.

Best of all? It feels more guilt free. All of the thrift pieces I find are less than $5, and I love to support vintage sellers with amazing handpicked wares. I feel totally green, but still get the same rush as when I finally have an oh-so-special Anthropologie piece in my hands. 


  1. Could you be any cuter?! I just love the whole look and you - I wanna hug you :-)

  2. Great find! I'm with you on the vintage, although I don't usually find them for less than $5 (I wish I could!). I started putting myself on a budget because I realized I needed to start contributing more money to retirement, and you can make your money go so far buying vintage. Still craving the Anthro stuff, though.

    I love how you gave the whole look a western feel with the equestrian belt, and the boots and the saddle bag.

  3. Tien--Haha, I will be honest, this dress was a bit more than $5. But the thrift stores around me are really good and if I'm willing to dig, I can usually get a huge bag of goodies for $10 or so.

  4. Love this outfit and you look so darling.

  5. That is the cutest vintage dress ever, Jinah! And handmade?! So awesome! P.S. major Frye envy going on right here.

  6. Yay for vintage! And boo for allergies. In texas, when the rains come in, you know it'll just bring MORE pollen and sneezy things. Yuck :-P

  7. I have been pining for a dress in exactly that style FOREVER! I love it on you! The color, the style, the print -- it's all amazing! I wish I had your thrifting luck. I usually end up with a bunch of duds. Oh, if only we could go thrifting together... sigh... that'll happen when teleportation machines are invented, I guess.

    Pollen is everywhere here too. It coated my car. So annoying, because now I'm paranoid about getting pollen all over my clothes when I have to squeeze out of my car in the parking garage!

  8. Love the vintage dress and Frye boot combo - that's a classic!

    I'm so grateful for that rain yesterday, but now my car is once again coated in green stuff, boo.

  9. This is ridiculously beautiful. Less than $5??! I would've paid a lot more for that dress...I absolutely love this look on you. So charming.

  10. what a delightful print! this is a perfect winter to spring transitional dress :) and the fact that it is vintage makes it all the more perfect!


  11. Tara--Oh this dress via Etsy was a leeeetle more than $5. However, all of my recently thrifted purses and that floral skirt I wore last week were $2-3 a pop.

  12. AmyK--It takes a lot of patience and plotting to find things. I leave emptyhanded probably 60% of the time. And why do I have no idea where in the country you are located? I like to travel and if I'm near you, we should definitely meet up and go on a shopping excursion.

  13. I LOVE this outfit and the accessories -- the Frye boots and belts are perfect. I'd totally wear the dress every day if I had it in my closet. The plum color and knife pleats just multiply the awesomeness.
    the renegade bean

  14. I really love this outfit... a freaking lot!


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