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Wednesday, April 21

Details: Mulberry Alexa

Some of you have been asking for more pictures of my Alexa. Here she is! Some purse porn for the week.


Brass, pewter, and oxidized hardware are my favorites.

Love the braided strap!


I'm very happy with how she's breaking in. The leather is gaining more character and looking less shiny and I take her around town with me. Was it worth working overtime for two weeks between three jobs to earn the last bit? Looking at her, yes I think so.

I am definitely a bag hag, bag lady, purse girl, whatever you want to call it. I know that some of you are lurking out there contemplating this purchase too. Let me help enable you.

You might be able to snag one from these retailers:
  • Mulberry: the official site sells the most options in colors and sizes, but you will have to check daily--maybe even hourly to score the exact combo you might want.
  • La Garconne: Regular Oak available for pre-order. Free shipping in the US!
  • Net-A-Porter: Oversized Oak coming soon--they have a waitlist, get on it!
  • Harrod's: Oversized Ink Blue and Regular Butter Yellow available now.
  • expecting a shipment this month. I'm pretty sure they have a waitlist, give them a call or shoot them an e-mail.
Or here are some excellent similar finds:

 ASOS Leather Twist Lock Satchel, $109.91 (VERY very PS1 inspired!)

Two highly recommended Rebecca Minkoff alternatives:

And finally a very attractive option from everyone's favorite store:

I'm feeling all of these alternatives too... Are you a bag girl too?


  1. Oh yes, I'm definitely a bag girl above all else. Your Alexa is GORGEOUS.

  2. I was DEFINITELY so craving this bag when it came out but I just couldn't bring myself to lay down the $$$ for it! I'm thinking about getting the classic Bayswater instead, though I still love the Alexa. I recently just purchased a satchel-style bag, so I'm more than happy already! But maaaan the Alexa is gorgeous! And that color! -drools-

  3. Amblus--I have recently redecorated in order to accommodate my handbags. Oops!

    AmyK--I was going back and forth between getting a Bayswater and the Alexa. I feel like the Bays is a more professional, versatile, and wear-to-work kind of bag and the Alexa is more irreverent and fun. Haha I went for the fun instead of the responsible look.

  4. Def a bag lady here. Love your Alexa. I bought an Andrew Marc satchel in the nude/ pink that is out and LOVE it. :) The 'purse porn' made me die laughing!

  5. Everytime I see it on you, I want it even more! I get most of my purses/bags at thrift stores or yard sales and haven't paid too much for any so that would be a big leap of faith for me! lol! But at least I can come to your blog and drool all over my keyboard each time.

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  6. I received an email from Mulberry saying they weren't making the Oak Leopard anymore *cries* *sobs* *lays down on floor and kicks legs*

  7. Your bag is so amazing! *drools* Thank you so much for the pictures!

  8. You redecorated to accommodate your handbags? I NEED TO SEE. Really, I need to see because my bag storage shelf is the saddest thing ever.

  9. OMG! My heart's beatin fast...=b Love ur Alexa. Thanx 4 the infos. How much did u pay 4 it? Maybe I should work double shifts...lols!
    I'm a new fan, but love all ur posts. U rock gal...=D

  10. I just swooned. Your bag is so beautiful!

  11. i am soooooo jealous!!! i love it!

  12. That is *such* a pretty bag. I used to be a bag girl, but for some reason have not been so much lately. At least it's been better for my bank account! :)

  13. That is *such* a pretty bag. I used to be a bag girl, but for some reason have not been so much lately. At least it's been better for my bank account! :)

  14. Verseastyle--Welcome fellow bag lady!! That Andrew Marc bag sounds delicious!

    Elaine--I go thrifting when I know I am not supposed to be shopping (I mean how much trouble could I get in if everything is priced so low?). And you know what? I've found some amazing bags for wayyyy less than what the Alexa cost me.

    moodboard--WHAT?! Are you kidding me? The Oak leopard is SO HOT. Ugh I can't believe it.

  15. Amblus--Noted! I will have to document my sprawling makeshift wardrobe soon. Hehe.

    Mary--I bought it from a site in the UK so it was 695 pounds. It was a little less than what I would have paid at the US boutique due to the exchange rate.

    e.--That's so good of you! Bags are my weakness, I don't know what is the matter with me.

  16. Your Alexa is gorgeous! I fell in love with the Alexa after seeing your photos and ended up going to one of the Mulberry stores here in NY a few weekends ago to check it out and put my name on the waitlist for the oak. They happened to have just one regular size in ink blue in the store, and I couldn't resist and bought it! So...thanks! :)


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