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Tuesday, April 20

Madras, I Missed You




Outfit details: APC Madras top (ss2008) (similar tops here, here, and here)
Fluevog Radios oxfords (equally menswear inspired here or here)
Forever 21 Jeggings (get yours here, here, or here)
Mulberry Alexa bag

Fallon and I had a huge closet cleanout adventure at her place this weekend, and it inspired to sort through some piles and bags of my own when I got home. Among many other things, I rediscovered this gorgeous A.P.C. shirt I bought while on vacation in New York.

I've always adored the print but wasn't sure how to style this piece. A.P.C.'s lookbooks are generally not overstyled or over-layered and many outfits are very simple in order to showcase the pieces worn. I decided to take a cue from Jean Toitou and go simple with clean, unfussy lines.

The result was super comfortable and felt effortless. I did feel a little naked, as I'm used to layering on a jacket, scarf, and random jangles when getting dressed. I think the Anthro sensibility is still working its way out of me--a one- or two-piece outfit to me feels so bare!


  1. I really like how you styled it, very simple and cute! :D
    Plus I love your bag!!
    P.S. I'm giving away a dress on my blog if you'd like to enter! ;D

  2. What a lovely shirt! The print is pretty, yes, but I think the star of the show is clearly the modest, Victorian-inspired silhouette- even the sleeves have such a pleasing shape ^^ You have so many wonderful, unique pieces in your closet.

  3. That is a pretty pattern! I think you wore the shirt right too – APC style does seem this way. And that is a fantastic bag.

  4. Haha, I feel the same way sometimes when getting dressed -- it seems like just a top and a bottom and nothing else seems so, well, boring! But with a shirt like yours, I do think you're right in thinking that less is more. The shirt has the "jangles" already included -- fun print, long sleeves, cute collar -- so there's little need to add more! I also adore your bag. I remember swooning over it when it was first released!


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