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Tuesday, April 6

My Georgia Peach Skirt



Outfit details: American Apparel Triblend Deep V
Corey Lynn Calter skirt (Anthro circa summer 2008--similar here and here)
J. Crew Merino Double Breasted Cardigan (similar in cashmere)
Frye Engineer Slouch boots (similar in a slew of colors)
Rebecca Minkoff MAM in Dark Brown

I have no idea what the original Anthro name for this skirt was; I want to say it had the word "peach" or "ripe" in the title. My typically fruitful (har har) Google-Fu failed me, but maybe one of you remembers this lovely? I actually spotted this skirt at the Market Street store while vacationing in San Francisco. Immediately I thought that it would be perfect for a Georgia peach like me! Since CLC skirts run so darn small, and I was on the other coast, there were plenty for me to choose from. It did help that it was a *vacation* purchase and therefore somehow didn't count as seriously.

I feel compelled to wear something cute and put together whenever I go visit my Anthro girls at the mall. Yes, I stopped by my local Anthropologie again. I couldn't sleep last night, and when I was up really early and saw all of the buzz about the sale today, I had to scoot over there as doors opened.

I didn't go bananas--I got a price adjustment for my Easter top and gave the Reed Shirtdress another spin in the plaid. It worked for me this time around, and for less than what I paid for the first one (especially after the adjustment!), I couldn't say no.

Did you get anything from this week's Anthro markdowns? Sometimes I feel like I seem totally crazy hanging around at opening for "doorbusters." Oh well, I enjoy the chase! But really, I was the only one in line waiting to run inside and grab a cheap toaster oven/shirtdress this morning. And so it is.


  1. Love this skirt! I think you put together this outfit wonderfully! I'm staying strong and staying away from Anthro.

    I already spent my April budget on a several vintage silk dresses, the Hidden Hue Blouse, and a dress from H&M.

  2. Eeek! I love that skirt on you Jinah!!!! So freakin' cute.
    I'm glad you got the Reed shirtdress in plaid - which color, blue or red?
    I gave it another whirl at my'll have to check out my blog and give me your opinion :-)

  3. Aaaaaa! Love that skirt- wow, I don't remember having seen it on the Anthro website before! I need it- I'm an erstwhile Georgia peach too! I was supposed to stay away from Anthro but caved and got the Reed in the orange plaid- even though I already own the navy :-/ I feel a wee bit guilty, but $60?! Come on- I had to! Which color did you get?

  4. Amazing skirt and great matching-unmatching colours :)Love it!

  5. i just started following your blog - you look absolutely charming in that anthro skirt!


  6. I love this whole outfit, but I especially love the "Georgia Peach" skirt. Of course. :) I am so sad that I don't live near an Anthro anymore. I will live vicariously through you!

    Oh, and I loved the fruitful pun. I am a total dork.

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. What a gorgeous outfit! I love the boots so much and of course, the skirt is so pretty. Balloons make me think of French films for some reason (I hope that isn't some horrible bromidic cliche) and French films with balloons remind me of really carefree spring and summer days and outfits like yours!

    xo Jenny

  9. I looooooove those boots. So gorgeous! The color is amazing too! I got the Reed shirtdress in green, which I had been craving since I got the orange plaid version before. I have no self control, haha! I don't think I've ever gotten up early enough to actually wait outside the doors of any place. I just like sleeping way too much, haha!

  10. Tien- If the pieces you picked up are even a teeny bit as wonderful as the coat you picked up, I'm sure it was money well spent!

    Kim- Checking out your post right now! I got the blue plaid. I haven't seen the red plaid around in a while.

    Tara- Emailed you!

    Ashley-- NO it is probably good for you that Anthro is less accessible. While working in the mall (at other stores) I'd stop by nearly every day. Ouch says my wallet.

  11. Lisa--Hahaha, you're hilarious. And I know right, dangit, I want my free shipping back!

    Amy--Normally I will luxuriate in bed as long as possible. The only reason I was up was because I was tossing and turning and finally dragged myself out of bed. Can't wait to see you in the green version!

  12. you are cute as a button today!!!! i just want to put you in my pocket and take you home

    i've been resisting the sale in store but snagged the cockadoodle dress or whatever its called online. i think it'll be a great walking around the city in the heat dress

  13. What an adorable skirt! Everyone is getting the blue plaid Reed dress and I am so jealous :(

  14. Rosa--You look so fab in green! I can't wait to see you rock it.

    Maria--You can borrow mine whenever we hang out again, ok? Or seriously, I can probably track down one for you. Now I'm tempted to go after a red plaid one as well.

  15. What a cute skirt Jinah! I don't even remember that one. Great styling, as always!

  16. Totally love the skirt. And I love the colors you paired it with! It's a muted down genius palette.

    Enter to win a William Riera dress!

  17. I came back to stare at that skirt :-/ I am a creeper. I've been googling and ebaying like nuts for that skirt over the last couple of days, and I haven't even come up with a single link to it- how frustrating! I really, *really* like it! Lol @ AmyK: haaaaa!! So glad I'm not the only nutjob who sprung for the Reed in more than one colorway!

  18. You look fabulous here (as usual!). I love how you complemented the colors in the skirt with your rust sweater and the boots!

    Oh, and please vacation in San Francisco again, sometime soon, so we can hang out :)


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