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Tuesday, April 13

Travel Bug

It's been longer than I would have liked since I last took a big trip. I've been soaking in all of my favorite blogger's travel plans and photos from exotic and romantic locales and have been bit hard by the travel bug. With this summer off, I have plenty of opportunity to take a trip (or two, or three). Now the hard part is deciding where. I've been scrolling through some of my old snapshots to try and decide.








At this rate, I might end up holding off until I can travel for a few weeks by train. But most likely I will be visiting New York (it's been far too long!) and Orlando (Disneyworld!) this summer. Two of my favorite places to be.

What is your favorite place to visit? Are you planning any trips? I want to live vicariously through everybody this summer!


  1. Ohhh, if you go to Orlando, you have to check out Universal Studios once they get their Harry Potter section opened.

  2. I just got a new job, so can't really take much time off, but I do have mini-trips to VA and MA planned.

  3. I didn't get to go to Disney until a few years ago but it was a blast! I did three parks in one day with a guy who used to work there so he showed me all the "back alleys" and short cuts for rides, etc. You can't not have fun in the land of Mickey.

    I need to find some time to take off and go somewhere this year - my company has a new use it or lose it policy for vacation time now.

  4. Ugh, I'm having some issues trying to get myself to Paris in May. We already requested the time off, but Steve doesn't know if he can go yet. It's so close that the plane tickets are getting really expensive, so we may have to scrap the plan.

    Alternatively, I'm thinking thinking Hawaii or NYC? I've been to NYC a bunch of times, so I may lean toward Hawaii. I haven't gone to a volcano ever, and that would be incredible!

  5. Alicia--OMG is that going to be open this year? I've been looking at all the plans for it and have been exciting for months!! Will do.

    Lisa--I love Disneyworld a ridiculous amount! I was lucky enough to have friends intern and work there through college and got to go a whole lot. My boyfriend hasn't been since he was really young, so I want to show him how adults can have fun there too! And that stinks about your company vacay policy!

    Tien--Oh no! I didn't even consider that tickets might cost more from California. When I'm looking for last minute flights to Europe, I find that flights into London are generally cheaper and you can find a puddle jumper from London to wherever for a reasonable price. Good luck!

  6. you've been to some amazing places!!! thanks for sharing!

    my only trips this summer will probably be to atlanta.... haha.

    and i LOVE disney world!!! my family goes every few years and i absolutely love it

    you should come to ny!!!! we can shop together =)

  7. Yay! NY and Disney World?? Sounds like a fab summer!!! You'll have to keep us updated on your traveling plans!!

    clothed much, a modest fashion blog


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