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Sunday, April 11

Etsy Love: 04.11.10

This week's theme: What I will be doing on my summer vacation.

I am taking this summer off from school and working myself to death for the first time in 5 years and plan to focus on my hobbies. The main of which has suffered greatly: sewing. Here are my favorite fabric sellers on Etsy, who I go to for different reasons.

For those of you who don't sew or quilt, the designer name dropping might be confusing, so I'll add as many pictures as I can. I think a lot of the prints I like are well suited for beginner projects like pillowcases and pajama pants, but can stretch as far as your skill and imagination will take you!

Starlit Nest has a fabulous array of fat quarters and perfectly selected bundles. My go-to for when I want a variety of prints for a small price. Also one of the few sellers with any pieces of Heather Ross's West Hill fabrics, which are super rare or overpriced elsewhere.

Lucky Kaeru Fabric is my favorite Etsy shop to find Japanese import prints. There is an amazing selection of kawaii character prints in addition to all of my favorite designers. They also stock Echino, Alexander Henry, Riley Blake, Heather Ross, and so much more!

The Needle Shop is a brick and mortar store based in Chicago. I love that the shop is organized by designer (many aren't), and that by purchasing from them, I am supporting a small independently owned business. They still have a solid selection of Mendocino prints left, which I love, and the largest selection of Echino by Etsuko Furuya I have ever seen!


Pintuck Sew is filled with vintage treasures! I love to sift through all of the vintage fabric and deadstock patterns in this little shop. They even sell vintage clothes in their other Etsy store!

Fabricworm is like the grandaddy motherlode of all fabric stores. This is my go-to when I want to make a huge purchase and find everything in one place. And I mean everything! I would buy all of my fabric here, but every now and then they don't have a specific color of a print I want or I only want one thing and the price is a little more competitive elsewhere.

Hope this helped a few of you out there!


  1. Thanks, Jinah! This is perfect for me! I'm trying to learn how to sew with the machine. I've only gotten as far as winding the bobbin. My project this weekend is to pick up some fabric and make tea towels--to practice different stitches and to get proper tension. I'm hoping to learn enough to make a skirt, then a blouse, and maybe a dress... although it will take me a while before I can get to that stage.

  2. Did you read my mind!?! lol I just said to my friend this weekend that I think I want to learn how to sew next. I want to make some of my own clothes!

  3. Cool! i love getting etsy recs, I am addicted to that place!

  4. Tien--I can't wait to see your projects!

    Verseastyle--I've been pushing back all of my sewing projects. I hope to showcase them more often on the blog!


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