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Tuesday, June 29

Calling All Atlanta Fashionistas and Dapper Young Gents!

Atlanta Magazine is running a very exciting contest for the fashion savvy Atlanta crowd. All you have to do is submit a photo that shows off your style for a chance to win. The prize winner will receive a $250 gift certificate to Simon malls and a feature in an upcoming issue!

They're looking for both stylish ladies and gents, and the only rule is that you have to be over 18. You don't have to conform to a certain look or statement--just be yourself! I'm sure at least one of you lovely readers could win this, hands down. I'd enter if I could, darn it. That $250 could buy a lot of goodies at Lenox Square Mall!

Click here or on the contest banner to enter. Good luck! The contest will be running through July 31. I'll be voting and supporting from the sidelines.


  1. Thanks for letting us know. Why can't you join in the contest?

  2. Tempress--I can't enter since I was already featured for the March issue. It was an awesome experience, and I'd love for one of my readers to win!

  3. What a great opportunity :) I don't live in Atl, but I did check out that site. Jinah, I saw your feature and you look amazing!

  4. Thanks for the heads up on this! :)


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