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Tuesday, June 22

A Color Gray-dient



Outfit details:
Monoreno by Mur double layer tunic (similar here and here)
Level 99 World Over Cargos (follow the style chain: the ones
I'm wearing are inspired by this pair which are akin to these)
Target Wakeisha sandals (inspired by these Seychelles)
The Look for Less: (tunic), (pants), (sandals). 

Sometimes I'll be extra fussy when getting ready. This particular morning I shook Markus and asked, "Do these shoes work with these pants?" To which he responded succinctly, yes.

When I started to pout he elaborated, "No, but really it's great. It's like you are wearing a color gradient from light to dark from top to bottom."

Gradient, huh? More like a gray-dient, then. Which I'm really surprised doesn't happen more often since I am quite the conservative at times, and my favorite colors to wear are navy and gray.

I never would have considered myself a cargo pant girl, but with all of the hubbub surrounding the J Brand Houlihan pant and how good everyone looked in them, I had to give this trend a try.  I spotted this Level 99 pair on another customer at Anthropologie and couldn't stop thinking about them. They were decidedly edgy, but were for the perfect backdrop for a flirty flowy top, as evidenced in the June catalog. I thought about them for several days and couldn't muster up the guts to go for the splurge. I am not a big pants fan, after all.

But then it sweetened the deal a little bit when I was asked to work inventory at Anthropologie the other week. One time discount = new pants, and that was that. Now if only I could negotiate my cat lady dress at a reduced price too, I'd be happy as a clam.


  1. I'm not a cargo pants girl but I absolutely love those!!! Now if only I can get someone to give me a discount too... ;)

    Enter to win a Lime Ricki swimsuit!
    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  2. this post was so funny to me--because I also became obsessed with the houlihan pants recently, and tried on these pants last night at anthro to see if they would stifle my craving for them--i tried the beige color, but i need to find the darker color you are wearing and try them on too. did the level 99 pants satisfy your craving for the houlihan?


  3. I love how your casual outfits always look so great. And yay for landing a gig at Anthro! :)


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