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Tuesday, June 1

Memorial Day Recap

This weekend passed in such a blur! Arts Fest was crazy busy and I haven't had a moment to catch up with anybody or anything outside of work until today. Here is a quick recap of what I managed to do when not at the boutique.

Brunch with my favorite mans at a yummy breakfast spot. He had Friday off work and we basically had the place to ourselves. The coffee is always great and I'm always pleased with my meals here. I usually get the Santa Fe scramble and clean my plate.

Java Jive on Ponce.

Perusing in my favorite stall at Kudzu. There are always so many kitschy/creepy/awesome things to look at in addition to a well curated selection of vintage clothes. I love to poke around in other stalls and make mental wish lists of all the Scandinavian and mid-century furniture pieces.

Nutmeg's vintage tchochkes and clothing
Fiddling with the settings on my new camera! So far the pets are my main subjects. I'm clambering back along the learning curve. I haven't taken photography seriously in almost six years. Easing back into it is taking a bit of time.

Big Kitty. A serious cat.

Scratching my head at this art installation right off the road in my neighborhood. I saw the artist setting up and taking shots with a tripod, so I figured it was for a single photo or set of photos. But it's been a few days and it's still standing. I figured it was okay for me to take some snaps too when I saw a variety of amateur and serious looking photographers going on walks with their cameras.

Industrial artwork at Irwin and Krog.

Going on walks in the neighborhood. Having a more functional camera makes me much more excited about photoshoots and what I'm going to wear each day. And makes me much more willing to travel around the neighborhood on foot in 90+ degree weather.

An almost photoshoot. Cancelled due to rain.

Hope everyone had a swell weekend! I'll be back with an outfit post tomorrow and will be catching up with my favorite blogs tonight.

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  1. I have never been to Java Jive- ever! That seems like a shameful thing having lived 15 minutes from it for the past 9 years- eek! I'm tres intrigued by the installation piece ;)


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