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Friday, June 4

Easy with Jeans and Tees


Outfit details:
Madewell Pointillist (confetti square) scarf
American Apparel Tri-blend Deep V-Neck
Joes Ex Lover Crop (similar for less here and here)
CV x Target wedges (similar here and here)
J. Crew distressed leather belt (similar here)

Sometimes I get antsy during the summer because it's normally too hot to layer, and single layer outfits aren't always my most fashion-forward. Normally I don't share my dress down days on the blog, but I was in the mood for a photoshoot, so I thought why not!

But really other than the layering restrictions, summer is my absolute favorite. Another great thing about this season? The sun doesn't set till late. Which means (photographer boyfriend obliging) more outdoor photo sessions. I am slowly getting my footing with properly choosing the settings on my camera. I mean, look at today's outfit shots--Markus and I could start our own senior portraits company!

No, but seriously, I wanted to show off my new scarf from Madewell I picked up on the same trip as the wooden wedge purchase. I think it adds the perfect splash of color and edginess to an otherwise ordinary outfit. The little brass sequins add the right amount of sparkle. And it's versatile--I can't wait to wear this scarf as a sarong on my upcoming vacation!

Senior portraits, amirite?

Email me for pkg info. Joking. Sort of.


  1. how do you dye your hair? i have black hair but can never get it as light as yours seems to be, whether at the salon or at home.

  2. lol... I love the senior portraits comment! After you said it, I had flashbacks of mine.... ughhh makes me shudder, haha! I love the laid back look. I've been trying to achieve that more myself lately! Cute as always, dahhhling!

  3. Even on your "dress down" days you are so darn cute! I love that it's a tee and jeans outfit, but that you mixed it up with colors, and a confetti colored scarf.

  4. everything about this ootd is perfect! i'm having a tee and ripped up khaki's day here and just took my ootd pics hahaha! after seeing your dress down day, i'm feeling a little embarassed. you look amazing! love the purple and yellow, and of course the scarf!

  5. My camera might be coming for you...!! [that isn't supposed to sound as threatening as it does] You like photo shoots + I need to shoot more = LOVE CONNECTION!

  6. I love the colors that you mixed in the outfit. And I will gladly hire you to re-take my senior photos because those could have been so much better (I should have gotten my hair and make-up done like I did for the prom).

  7. Purple and yellow - one of my fave color combos!

  8. Anon--I use a box dye at home, which I wouldn't recommend all the time? It is by L'Oreal and is specifically designed for dark haired brunettes to lighten your hair color. It comes out pretty even and not brassy for me, but I can't say it would be the same on dyed hair.

    Justine--Hahaha, I totally did not take portraits in high school. I scowled through a lot of prom pictures too.

    Mary--We def need to hang out and take some photos! Old skool hot fashion style!

  9. You need to show your dress down days more look great!

  10. Sweet outfit! I'm really diggin' those yellow wedges... These are really good pictures of you. The first one especially~!

  11. those wedges are rad!! and i love the combo with purple--you're lookin' fabulous.


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