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Saturday, June 26

Lands are Green, Skies are Blue



Outfit details:
Old Navy striped boatneck tee (similar here and here)
J. Crew Factory necklace (similar here and here)
Rebecca Minkoff Rocker bag (similar here and here)
Anthro Alpine Dream skirt (similar here and here)
J. Crew Caden Cork wedges
The Look for Less: (top), (necklace), (bag), (skirt), (wedges). 

I decided to go adventuring in the neighborhood the other day. I've always been curious about this lot, but there are frequently construction vehicles blocking the gate, and the gate is locked most of the time. Considering there were no forbidden access signs (or perhaps it is lost in the overgrowth), I thought it would be a fun photoshoot. It felt like I was romping around in my own little secret garden.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! I have been buzzing around like a busy bee and have finally had the chance to pop in and say hi.


  1. You look adorable! I love the blue on blue!

  2. I LOVE your outfit! Very cute skirt especially. :) I want to see a close-up of your necklace!

  3. Love the blue! I really need to start wearing more skirts in this ridiculous heat!

  4. Your outfit is so pretty and really pops with all the bright greenery in the background. :)

  5. Hiiiiiii

    wish you would have said something @@ LazerBEAMkitty :)) next time! aren't they so much FUN! i actually just moved in to a place right across from the ballroom and am in LOVE-1200 sq ft, yessss

    love the mix of patterns here && your blog
    **now following!**

    jess s//LadyFLASHBACK!

  6. I totally feel like raiding your closet!

  7. Very fun pattern mixing---love it!

  8. Haha, The Secret Garden was one of my favorite childhood books. You look great! :)

  9. Love that skirt on you - it totally fits your eclectic and stylish fashion sensibilities!

  10. The second photo looks like you're in a place with strange cool. Love your outfit!


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