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Wednesday, June 23

Fields of Green Skirt



Outfit details:
Forever 21 gem necklace (similar here and here)
Old Navy gold tank (similar here and here)
Anthro fields skirt from '07 (similar here and here)
Swedish Hasbeens Peep Toe Super High
The Look for Less: (necklace), (cami), (skirt), (shoes).
So much for being brave and venturing into the great outdoors each day for my outfit documentation. I was scouting out the light in the front yard when I spotted a nice gentleman pruning some trees right outside of my front door. I managed to wave hello before I got shy and headed right back inside.

I realized I hadn't debuted this necklace on the blog! I purchased it when I was in Birmingham (same trip as the thrift find of a lifetime), and it never made its way into photos until today! As some of you may note, it echoes the same look and feel as Anthropologie's Stormy Seas necklace from last year. That necklace was released at the height of my (part time) Anthro career and I saw it day in, day out for months on end. Long after all of them were sold (those things flew out of the store!), I decided I wanted a minty green one. After a quick and eye-opening eBay perusal, I was happy to look for less pricey options. $8.80 for a similar piece that actually worked better for me since it had less stones was perfect.

This skirt was actually a recent rescue from the donation pile in my room. I say that I am "spring cleaning" fairly often. The reality is that I'm constantly weeding out my closet due to the sheer volume of clothing flowing in and out. When I bought this skirt, I was in Anthro sale goggles mode and it happened to find its way to the register with me. I hemmed and hawed over how to wear it for weeks  afterward. My main complaint then was the extra long length. But now I totally rock the below the knee skirts, and this little number isn't really even long compared to some of my other closet staples.

For those of you whose eyes perked up at the mention of a closet cleanout, I'm getting my act together for an Anthropologie mini garage sale very soon. Stay tuned, as I seem to have collected way more than I can keep track of during my employment there. That, and I am moving soon. Less boxes to pack and less weight to move sounds like an A+ plan to me.

And since I'm feeling extra saucy today, I'll leave you with a shot of the strawberry custard pie my dear Markus baked last night. He whipped up the crust and pie filling from scratch, threw on a fancy egg glaze, and pulled out this pie crust keeping gadget I never knew existed.



  1. oh man, that pie looks good! I love your color combo in the outfit!

  2. I love your OOTD! That gold tank coordinates perfectly with the tiny hints of gold in the skirt, and the SHOES... perfection!

    i really had no idea how popular the Stormy Seas Necklace was when I bought mine last year. It was one of my first Anthro purchases after about 4 long years of not shopping there. I love how it can be worn as a bib or you can tie it so it hangs lower. It's a really versitile piece that goes with so many things!

  3. You look great! I love the color of the tank and am sooo jealous of your Swedish Hasbeens. I'm trying to save up for them! :)

  4. aimee--The Stormy Seas version was so overwhelming on my frame! I tried it on probably once a week while I worked at Anthro but could never make it work for me.

    Mandy--They are totally worth it!

  5. TOT ANTHRO! i like the second picture yo.

  6. Oh my goodness, I LOVE this outfit. That skirt is incredible, and I thought that necklace was the Anthro one! Love the color of it. Also, that pie looks yummy!


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