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Monday, June 7

Summer Adventure Time

When I had this Saturday morning free of engagements and social obligations, I jumped at the chance to attend an outdoor festival. Artlantis was just a stone's throw from my 'hood, and I was up bright and early, festival gear on.

Markus and I are really into King of Pops' popsicles. Fortunately (perhaps unfortunately?), I pass the pop corner on the way home from work everyday, and Irwin Street Market is just a quick walk from home. It had been awhile since I got my last popsicle fix... As soon as we stepped out of the car, I winced as I knew it would be a mega hot, instant sunburn day. We beelined it to the popsicle stand.

He chose the blackberry mojito. Mmm with real mint!

I inhaled the chocolate sea salt. Totally deelish, 
but not thirst quenching, whoops!

My sweet pal Mary spotted my camera and requested a senior portraits glamour shots session on the spot. Her and her boothmates' poses put all of those girls at the mall to shame.

I think Matt has patented this look.
Megan is amazingly talented. Check out her site!

In addition to perfecting his Blue Steel look, he also
makes these nifty cards. Get you some here.

I really liked the pieces in this booth. Joe was pulling prints in the
blazing sun in the opposite corner. Check out his art and musings:

Markus is slowly getting sick of me sneaking photos of him when
he isn't paying attention. He admired all of Ashley's work and
came home with all he could carry. Everything was so good and
he was the nicest person in the world! He keeps a showcase on Flickr:

And I guess this post wouldn't be complete without my outfit for the day.


Outfit details:
Secondhand Tommy Bahama Hawaiian top (similarish)
Anthro skirt (fall/winter 2008?) (similar here)
Born Alea leather toe loop sandals
Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mini

So I guess there might be a few questions about this outfit. First, why am I dressed all 60's Hawaiian luau? And why am I wearing *comfort* sandals?

As for the outfit, I was originally planning to wear this at the Hukilau in Ft. Lauderdale this upcoming weekend. I even tracked down a number of Hawaiian print dresses and this Tommy Bahama top to pull the whole tiki look together. Unfortch, those plans were foiled by a lack of foresight and planning (I mean, outfit planning does not a vacation make).

Which brings me to question number two. I had taken those vacation days of the Hukilau convention off from work already, as did Markus. Since I'll be darned if we don't go on vacation, we have decided to go to Disney World instead (and maybe the beach depending on the status of the oil spill reach up the Florida coast). And so I needed some somewhat stylish walking shoes as all of my summer sandals are glorified pieces of cardboard or plastic.

Happy Monday!


  1. I love your outfit Jinah, it looks great!
    I've never heard of King of Pops, but the flavors you both got sound soooo good - I want some now!
    Have a blast at Disney World!
    ~ Athena

  2. Athena--They are amazing! There are always new flavors and I end up grabbing one more often than I should. And you're so sweet. I wish you blogged (do you blog?) so we can be best blog buds.

  3. Looks like you had a lot of fun... I wish we had a neat popsicle place around my neck of the woods!

    Your outfit is adorbs. I like the... pea soup-ish color of your skirt :]. Looks perfect for languishing in the heat...

  4. Eep I love outrageously flavored popsicles. I used to buy lime jalapeno ones from the taco truck in San Francisco and they always burned my mouth with spice. I love your top but I especially love love love the color of your skirt. It's so gorgeous!

    xo Jenny

  5. How fun!!! I want to try King of Pops!!

    You look fantastic in a hawaii-themed outfit. Not a lot of people can pull that off! :)

    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  6. I won't fault you for wearing "comfortable" shoes, sometimes its a necessity, lol. You still look cute even that wasn't your original outfity idea and I especially love that pop of color with the Mini Mini. :)

    Notes from the Dressing Room

  7. Thanks Jinah, you're so sweet! I don't have a blog, but I have pondered starting one. I've made so many blogger friends it's like a big, happy family. I'm also going to be launching my jewelry line in the next month on Etsy, so I guess a blog would also be a good way to show off my stuff, lol. Now if only I could find me some King of Pops! :-)
    ~ Athena


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