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Wednesday, June 9

Rebecca Minkoff and American Apparel Sales

Wow this week is just flying by! Well, I guess more for me than anybody else. I didn't even have a chance to breathe and start a countdown to vacation--I leave tomorrow for my long weekend in Orlando, yippee!

In addition to devising a strategem to get access to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, I've been planning a shopping itinerary (the Disney portion is mostly figured out). Outlet malls, new and different Anthropologie experiences, and all sorts of Disney themed goodies are all on the agenda. So I'll be definitely getting my shop on this weekend, but I wouldn't want you to miss out on any fun! There are sales to be had if you're in Atlanta or staying at home this weekend. Here are the two I'm most excited about. Click through on the fliers for more information.

<3<3<3!! My favorite bags in the whole world.

Y'all I live for this--Rebecca Minkoff's huge seasonal sale online. She only does these twice a year, at the end of the season, and things fly out of the store! The selection on the Rebecca Minkoff site is so much better than the sample sale sites have to offer, and you can't beat the prices.

You better believe I will be frantically trying to access this sale on my iPhone while crossing the Florida/Georgia state line. Mama needs a new Morning After bag....and some quirky pouches....and maybe something new with studs...

Check out Minkette, the official RM blog for updates and goodies. Rebecca sometimes has giveaways and extra special discounts at sale time!

This sale is epic.

And while I felt like I was sworn to secrecy, I want to be the cool friend here and be the first to tell you Atlanta lovelies about the American Apparel sale. Judging by the Facebook event page, the cat's out of the bag anyway...

These events draw huge crowds and long lines, but hell, if you can snag some sweet new hoodies, sheer tees, and perfect shirtdresses at a huge discount, it is totally worth it. From what I've heard about this sale in other cities, you can grab things for $1, $3, $5, and $10. The snaps of LA flea markets look like the AA factory exploded and clothes are everywhere. This sounds like so much fun, and I so wish I could be there! Grab an extra romper or v-neck for me, will ya?

Hope some of you grab an awesome deal! I probably won't be able to check in from the road since I am now laptop-less, but I'll try to pop back in tonight or tomorrow morning to send myself off in style.


  1. Have a super fun trip Jinah! If you go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter I want details! It looks so cool and fun! Enjoy!
    ~ Athena

  2. If I get trampled to death on Friday I WILL HAUNT YOU JINAH! hahah

    You and Mark have a ton of fun and buy some sequined Minnie Mouse ears!!

  3. Have fun! When are you going to be back in town?

  4. OHMYGOSH, Minkoff sale tomorrow! I am so excited! I want a clutch in a really bad way! I blame you for jumpstarting my Rebecca Minkoff obsession, hahaha!


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