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Saturday, June 5

Jinah Everyday!


Senior portraits offer still on the table! ;)

Outfit details:
J. Crew Vintage Bateau Top
J. Crew Wednesday Poplin Skirt
J. Crew leather belt (similar)
Bensimon elastique tennis shoes
Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Mini

When I saw that the ever lovely Kendi had styled this skirt the other day, I thought to myself, HEY! I have all of those things! Heck, I think I may have even worn this top + skirt combination before. But for summer instead of spring? It was the perfect easy little outfit for my day off of running errands and lots of walking.

I just realized how totally Crew-ed out I am in this outfit! Whew! I guess I was taking a small breather from my ever-constant Anthro obsession and must have stocked up in March! I don't know what it is about the brand, but I feel like all of my J. Crew items go the best with each other and I frequently end up looking like a Crew girl showcase. I mean, I do admit I pore over the catalogs for hours--the pieces (save for special and collection items) are the perfect basics, and the color palettes and little finishing touches can be translated for pieces in my closet. I get spacey with the Anthro catalogs; since all of the pieces are so unique, I find it hard to use them as outfit inspiration unless I own the items featured. Sigh. But that doesn't keep me from desiring (or purchasing...ahem) all the items featured.

The best part of this outfit? Fallon and I serendipitously coordinated! We both busted into giggles as soon as we laid eyes on each other. We were running around getting into mischief, and couldn't help but ward off the inquiring looks from strangers. Do these twinsies occasions happen to anyone else? I felt like we were our own secret club. You know, with our own lunch table and everything!

On Wednesdays we wear pink!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


  1. great look! casual and nice!

  2. hahaha surprise twinsies has happened to me on occasion. You two both look adorable! And I even wore a very similar outfit myself this week so I can see how twinsies can be likely in a stripes and skirts time of year.

  3. I've had the twinsies thing happen with one my closest friends a lot. You both look great! I love the stripes and bright color combo :)

  4. Haha, yeah this happened to me a few times when I met my sister for lunch. She then made me walk behind her, as if we didn't know each other. LOL

  5. My sister and I are always dressing similar, people say I'm like her mini-me... but I can't help it, I was kind of raised by her. And those days when we meet up and see that we're dressed the same... people constantly ask if we're twins. lol.

  6. p.s. cute outfit. I love the striped top!

  7. I really like the orange-y color of your outfit combined with your blue shoes... it's a nice color combo. :]

  8. Adorable outfit!! I am a sucker for stripes!

  9. hahah - i was gonna say something similar as my sis [msgiggleswurth] but she beat me to it! love this outfit in it's entirety Jinah!

    xx Vivian @

  10. this is so funny because i saw kendi's look and thought: i could do that too!
    it was fabulous and you look equally fabulous (those sneakers are esp amazing).
    big hug to you!

  11. Totally love this. Stripes and orange? Genius! You and Fallon both look gorgeous :)

    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  12. so cute! that jcrew bateau top is so versatile! i think i have 4-5 striped sailor shirts in my collection ;)

  13. I will gladly make my appointment for new senior portraits. I have to perfect me head resting on crossed arm look first.

    It's so cute that you two had an unintentional twinsie moment. You both look great!

    Notes from the Dressing Room

  14. This is great! You look so cute!


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