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Sunday, March 14

Chevrons and Stripes



Outfit details: J. Crew Lieutenant Jacket in Black
J. Crew Poplin Wednesday Skirt in Burnt Sienna
J. Crew Vintage Bateau Top in Dark Pewter
Anthropologie Chevron Stack tights (black ones here)
Pierre Hardy x Gap platform sandals 
(similar: one, two, and three-- I want them all!)

I have this list of things I am on the hunt for this Spring, and wooden sandals/clogs are definitely on it. I'm ready to jump on the Swedish Hasbeens or Madewell sandals train (so, so ready), but then I realized I have these already!

I think of these sandals as the shoes from the "day of infamy." That day involved a lot of grief and I bloodied both of my knees up tripping over myself in these shoes. Since then I've been afraid to pull them out--my ankles feel wobbly and I feel like a young colt on these. After doing a test run around the house, I decided today would be the day these come back out. The result was no skinned knees and feeling less guilty about the shoes I don't wear in my closet. I pulled out the chevron tights for this reason too. They were mysteriously shoved in the back of my sock drawer unopened.

Oh, and this is my "flair" for work today. The little ribbon badge was a DIY crafternoon project with some of my favorite girls, and the pin was something I found in an antique shop. I thought it would be perfect to pin on my lapel, since I have been a salesperson for almost three years now.

I am still having a devil of a time with this borrowed camera. Luckily I've been saving up. But now I can't decide what I want more--an awesome new camera or the handbag I have been babbling on and on about. Obviously one is more practical than the other, but the heart wants what it wants!


  1. You've put in such a stripey mood! I've been putting off getting a striped tee but I think it's about time. I absolutely *adore* the vintage pin! So cute & cheeky!

  2. Lovin' the stripes.. and the wedges are so much fun!

    xx Love & Aloha

  3. Wow, I love this! I am so tempted to get that skirt too.

  4. oh this is lovely! the stripes with the color of the skirt are just perfect!!

  5. Anon-I know, right? I don't know how I accumulated so many stripes so quickly.

    WWANW-I was inspired by a polyvore set by a fellow blogger! I need to track that down and add it to this post.


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