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Sunday, March 28

Sunday Etsy Love 03.28.10

This week's theme: Roller rinks. In the 80's!

I saw Hot Tub Time Machine this weekend, immediately followed by Whip It at home. The wacky 80's outfits in Hot Tub combined with my urge to strap on some rollerskates after watching Ellen Page whip around a rink to come up with this week's theme.

Now I'm thinking I'm going to have to round up my girlfriends and insist we have a skate night sometime soon, complete with neon leggings and off the shoulder sweatshirts.

Some glitter and a side pony please.

Clockwise, from top left:
  1. White Tote Bag with Black Rollerskate Embroidery by drummbellina, $42. I love the simplicity of this tote. It almost looks like it is a page torn from a coloring book! I want to attack it with a rainbow of markers. The tote itself is handmade and hand embroidered. This bag would be a lovely dog days of summer companion too. Take it with you to the mall, the pool, or even rollergirl tryouts.
  2. Vintage 80s Hair Scrunchies from OpheliaVintage, $8. After the Carrie Bradshaw "scra-unchie" moment in Season 6, I thought the hair accessory was done for sure. Honestly? I'm feeling them again. I wish I still had some of mine from back in the day! I would love to have this arsenal to secure my hair into an absurdly high ponytail.
  3. Cute 80s Retro Shooting Star Earrings from tonybaggs, $8.50. As a kid, I was very, very into rainbow anything. In fact, I think I still very much am. Don't these look so Rainbow Brite? I think this pair would be a cheerful touch to bikini tops, cuffed shorts, and Keds in the Summer.
  4. 1980s Aerobics Bodysuit from VintageEclectica,  $20. The multi-stripe around the armholes on this bodysuit is killer. Pair with short sport shorts for maximum effect.
  5. Leg Warmers Plum Heather Classic Wool by BargainBoutique by EternKnity, $49. I really dig the look of legwarmers slouched over skate boots. How can you say no to this comfy handmade
     pair? This takes me back to my dance days, too. Cute with ballet flats, cute over boots, cute with your Barbie rollerskates.
I last went rollerskating in the Midwest in the Fall. It's funny how the roller rink felt much like the one I used to go to back in elementary school here in Georgia. The lights, the decorations, and the music felt much the same. This time around, though, I didn't have my white skates with pink and purple laces to see me through.

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    1. LOL! That is a big thing here in Utah. More specifically Provo, UT. It looks like so much fun!

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