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Sunday, March 21

Welcome, Springtime!



Outfit details: Heritage 1981 floral shirt
American Apparel Jersey Pocket Skirt
Thrifted belt (similar and on sale!)
Marc by Marc Jacobs Hillier Hobo
Steve Madden studded sandals:
(hot alternative; affordable option)

I was sooo happy today to be able to rejoice in the warm weather with bare legs and sandals! I kicked off the sunny season with a trip to Rita's to enjoy a free Italian ice. Longtime readers will know that I am completely obsessed with cool treats, especially Rita's flavored ices and yummy frozen custards. I have atleast four frequent customer punch cards in my wallet, and always want to go back for more! My favorite flavors are mango and black cherry, but I'm always curious to try the wacky new flavors they have. Today they had a marshmallow Peeps flavored ice available--it was very sweet and tasted like a cross between cake batter and marshmallow.

I loved the idea of pairing the western shirt with this metal tipped belt. I felt very modern prairie. The sudden pastoral and western influence is the result of my obsession with the Pioneer Woman cookbook I got back in January, and one of my favorite shows--Big Love.

While her outfits are very modest, I love Chloe Sevigny's character's wardrobe. The calico blouses, cowboy boots, and floral print dresses are definitely inspiring my mode of dress and driving my vintage and thrift searches. I've run across a good selection of calico fabrics lately and hope to come up with future project ideas so I can pick them up. I just need to get a move on with my current pieces first!


  1. oooh, I really love this outfit!! :D The light blue and golden yellow look amazing together!

  2. You wear the color yellow really well Jinah. Isn't it nice to finally wear sandals? Our weather here in Tx was crazy over the weekend - Friday it was 74 degrees & I wore my sandals, then on Saturday it was 38 with 1" of snow. That's crazy Tx weather for ya, if you don't like it one day it will change by the next day!
    And mmmmm, Italian Ice!!

  3. Athena, if you can believe it, it snowed this morning after the sandals weather this weekend! Atlanta is bananas.


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