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Saturday, March 27

Get Your Leather, Leather, Leather on



Outfit details: Mike and Chris Bryant Leather Jacket (similar, also in grey)
American Apparel Triblend Deep V
J Brand 9610 The Deal Skinny
Rebecca Minkoff Studded Devote
Marc by Marc mouse flats (in blue)

It was really really chilly yesterday, and after tinkering with my car outside for a bit, I decided my trusty military jackets and boyfriends blazers weren't going to cut it. Also, I felt really badass after I figured out what was wrong with my car and felt that it was definitely a leather jacket day.

I don't know why I reserve this jacket for rare occasions. It's very warm, the leather is really yummy, and the sleeves are super long (which I love). I think it might have something to do with the constant on/off rainy days and I have outerwear (and handbags!) specially designated for drizzle.

I've still been feeling kind of worn out from this weather transition and have defaulted to what I consider my anti-fashion statement uniform of solid tee and skinny jeans. I have a drawerful of American Apparel V necks and various brands of dark wash skinnies, and could potentially wear variations of this outfit everyday for a really long time. I'm ready to snap out of it!

The ban is lifted in just 8 more days though, so hopefully an influx of fun warm weather pieces will cheer my spirits and shush my whines of "I have nothing to we-arrrr."


  1. Ooh, Jinah, this outfit is so cool! It's so edgy and kind of sexy and badass somehow, awesome.

    I also have a leather jacket that I love but that also only comes out on special occasions. It doesn't make too much sense! The leather on yours looks especially smooshy and comfortable. Oh, and your Studded Devote and Mouse Flats are totally envy inducing! :)

  2. that leather jacket is to die for!!

    and those mouse flats are so cute

    you look great, love this look!

  3. Very nice with the leather jacket - the brown makes it a little softer but still tough.

    Sometimes simple outfits are the best, especially when the fit is spot on - you look great in all the pieces.


    Why are they sooo expensive?

    You look great! I wish I could fit a little leather into my wardrobe.

  5. I love this outfit! I wish I had a perfectly tailored leather jacket, too. I find my default outfit features a lot of American Apparel, too -- mostly polo dresses and leggings.
    the renegade bean

  6. I love the Stud Devote! I am totally stuck on whether or not to go ahead and get one.. your post kind of cinched it for me. I always thought it would overwhelm my figure but I'm reconsidering it now :)


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