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Wednesday, March 31

Chambray Shirtdress



Outfit details: Isabella Sinclair Bespoke Shirtdress (similar: here and  here)
LOFT Espadrilles (similar pairs: here and here)
Jimmy K Designs tote bag

I am surely grateful that y'all are not impatient for new posts! I've been feeling a little icky sicky and have been unable to muster up the strength and stamina to blog. This outfit was a no-brainer. A warm weather weight dress plus cute shoes. I've told you how much I love dresses since they make an entire outfit, right?

But whoopsy, I don't think I realized how short this really was before stepping out for the day. Must soon get myself a full length mirror. I don't think I flashed anybody today, but that explains some of the looks I got while out and about.

And the tote was purchased long before the days of Etsy. The awesome chica I purchased it from recently opened an Etsy shop and started making totes again. I am the queen of tote bags and own way more than you can imagine, and these are my favorite. I've had this one for FOUR YEARS and it is still going strong. I use it to schlep textbooks plus miscellaneous toys that I carry with me. Kim selects the fabrics and sews all of the components herself to make a mighty fine looking durable tote.

It's supposed to be somewhat normal spring weather for the rest of the week (70-80) and I am looking forward to wearing shorts and sandals again, phew!


  1. My two favorite things rolled into one! Love it. Totally loving the ribbon belt too!!

  2. That is a cute dress - maybe a smidge short, but you've got the legs to pull it off!

    Sorry about you feeling under the weather - I was sick last week during the brief few days it was gorgeous outside. Hope you get better soon because it is supposed to be beautiful for the next few!

  3. Cute cute shoes!!


  4. Awww, the little ribbon belt is too cute! The dress IS a bit short, but you've got some great legs to pull it off, haha! At least it wasn't too windy or anything outside! And a 4 year old tote? That's what I call quality.

  5. Foxaaay!! Love the dress, you've got the legs to pull it off alright! Loving the ballerina'inspired shoes, too- add a dash of sweetness to the short-shorty-foxiness of the dress.


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