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Monday, March 22

Frock and Skirt Reviews!

To be honest, I wasn't going to post these originally. But then I got to spend time with some of my favorite Anthro girls I used to work with and they talked me into it. Figures, since when I worked there, I ended up being the guinea pig for trying many new pieces.

I stopped into Anthropologie to check on the status of the two pieces I want to pick up in 13 days. I knew neither had been marked down, but it gets hairy sometimes as some pieces will sell out before you know it!

Of course I tried on a bunch of new things since I was already in the store. I have always zoned in specifically on skirts and dresses that Anthro carries, and it really shows in this set!

 Sun Dot Dress, $79.95 (sale)


I was resisting the call of this number for a long time, but the prospect of snagging this on super sale (maybe a second markdown post-Easter, hmmm?) was worth trying it on. The cups at first threw me off, but I think it's very flattering and is structured enough to go braless. Busty ladies might have sizing issues with this one. I'm a B cup and it's comfortable. Pear shaped ladies might do well in this, though. The hip area is tulip shaped and can accommodate a few more inches than say, a pencil cut skirt would.

I'm wearing a size 2 here, but would probably want a 0 to eliminate the gapping in the waist and decrease the space at the top of the cups.


Caballo Falls Dress, $168

This dress was pure love. Every season, Anthro carries a Lil branded dress that I have to have. Much of the reason being that the top half of said dresses are extremely flattering for my body shape. I love the perfectly fitted waistband and the low but not risque neckline.

The color and fabric are vibrant and comfortable in person. Can't wait to add this little number to my warm weather rotation! I'm wearing a 0 here, which is what I wear in all past Lil dresses. If you are apple shaped or busty, I would recommend sizing up! The waist and bust areas are tiiiiight! I might get a 2 in this to wear on dinner dates so I can have more room for my food baby.


Drifting By Dress, $168

I was both surprised and pleased to find a whole rack of these dresses after all the hullaballoo when the catalog first dropped. I've got to say, it's kind of blah hanging on the rack, but looks really great on! Very feminine and romantic but understated. I liked it but didn't looooove it for me. I have a hard time wearing beiges and pastels in this range and know I would never reach for it.

I am wearing a size 0 here but would size up to a 2 if I chose to purchase. I am holding my breath in these photos while praying that I wouldn't rip the bodice of the dress by breathing! I would still say it fits true to size-- that part of  my torso and shoulders are difficult to fit.


I loved the simultaneously retro, beachy, and ethnic feel of the print on this dress and excitedly grabbed it to try. It fits like a babydoll dress and hangs exactly as pictured here due to the sturdy cotton fabric. I think this would be a very cute beachwear piece and is cut in a manner that would flatter mommies-to-be in the warm months.

I passed because for one, I felt like I was swamped by the volume as well as the print. Second, the pinafore-esque cut, while adorable, made me feel like it was too "young" for me. I still get carded at the movies and the bar, so dressing my age is somewhat of a priority for me when shopping.


So many of you ladybirds are aflutter about this dress that I feel incredibly bad to post this photo. I had no idea how this was intended to fit, but it certainly did not feel that it was working for me. Let's talk about the pros first, though. The print is eyecatching in person, very pretty. Lots of hanger appeal with the fluttery ties and ruffley finishing on the hem and sleeves.

But oy, the fit was to be desired. This is a size 2 on me (which I grabbed since this is not a "house" label and I am a 2 in most designers) and I could not figure it out for the life of me. I feel that the wrap dress is typically a universal garment that flatters most figures and requires little fussing to look good. I couldn't get that one half of the top to agree with me. It pained me that it didn't work. The top was too fussy, and I am so not about fussy.


This wasn't on my radar from my web browsing, but oh my. While wandering the store, I saw this and grabbed it immediately. The print is quite amazing in person--like wearing an impressionist work of art! I loooved the print and the fit was perfect straight off the rack. I am not jumping for joy due to two things: the price point (ouch) and well the color scheme. This veers into pastels, which still scare me. I am still convinced I am washed out in this range of yellows and greens. Would buy this shape in one of "my" colors in a heartbeat. This is a size 0 and it is perfect and comfortable--you can breathe and eat in it and you'll be okay.



I feel like this doesn't look as special as some of the other frocks I tried on, but I love this piece! I think it is mainly due to the fact that it feels like a cotton (and therefore) day version of my beloved Eyelet Silk Dress by Lil:

A few exceptions: its fit is not as...precise. Size down if you can! The silk sash is super adorable and I think it would look great tied in your hair as a headband or on your handbag for a little flair. And the back! Is so cute! I feel like this is a great little dress to have to throw on for random occasions and still look ladylike without the discomfort.



Picked this up for the blog's sake. I understand that it is special, but I do feel like Anthro has had similar photo-print pieces in the past? I believe last year as well as the year before they carried a photo dress in the Spring, both in the same vein with the newspaper style dot matrix.

I thought the fit was great, loved the keyhole in the back. The print is very punchy in person--if you wear this dress, you will definitely get  noticed! I felt like the sash/bust area didn't look quite as I had imagined from the catalog and website images. I can think of two ladies I know that can rock this. I, however, don't feel like this will play well with others in my closet.

Let's move onto skirts!!


I squealed a little when I saw this skirt on the display table! Candy colored tweed, metallic, and antique gold buttons? I love it. I was surprised to find that it was part of the Ruffian for Anthro designs. It's very prim and doesn't have that slight bit of edge I saw in the other pieces.

The skirt was true to size, this is a size 0, but dang. It was hard as cuss to get on! There was this elaborate set of hidden buttons, hooks, and I think even a snap at the top of the zipper. I could not fasten all of them as my fingers did not feel nimble enough. Would consider sizing up to a 2 if that would solve this issue.


Seabound Skirt, $118

I am dying over the cuteness of this We Love Vera skirt. I am very into nautical-preppy pieces for spring, and this would fit right in with my growing collection of striped skirts and sailor tops. I find that Vera pieces run small for me, and sized up to a 2 in this.

I just glanced at the site and was surprised to find that this skirt also comes in petite sizes! I think this is a definite yes for me, and I may consider getting a petite size in order to have a little bit of a shorter skirt. This hits me at the natural waist and is about 1-2 inches below the knee; I'm 5'4" without shoes for reference.

+ Mystery sailor top


And one last piece by Marimekko. I love print, and Marimekko manages to capture fun in grown up feeling patterns. I think this is a versatile color and shape for casual wear, the world of business, and everything in between. I especially love the stitching on the waistband and wooden buttons. Want.

This top I grabbed in order to try on bottoms with. For some reason I am usually wearing dresses when shopping and it makes it a pain to try separates. I didn't see this one on the site for some reason... I want to say it is Odille, and it comes in 2 colors. I think it is adorable but is far too similar to my Dear Creatures top to justify owning both.

All of a sudden my wishlist is twice the size after this trip! I don't know how I made it out of there without handing over my credit card, paycheck, or firstborn. Whew!
Anyone else on a self-imposed shopping hiatus? How are you holding up?


  1. I think the Sun Dot dress and the Cooling Magma dress both look great on you, but I am a sucker for a well-fitting strapless number (I love them and am immediately drawn to them, but I just can't wear them).

    Great colorful spring picks.

    My wishlist is like a mile long but my most recent obsession is the Silver Lining dress. I think it's just a knit dress, but how pretty ...

  2. The Caballo Falls Dress is perfect for you! You look beautiful in it.
    The Seabound skirt is a growing favorite if mine too. It reminds me of the picturesque skirts Anthro carried years ago that I really miss. The length is very flattering too.
    I'm not on a shopping ban, but I don't really need to be buying anything right now. My wishlist is huge & I told myself that I only need to buy an item when it goes on sale. I just wish they would extend the free shipping!
    Thanks for the reviews!

  3. Oh wow, the Sun Dot dress is adorable on you! I just assumed that the bra cups would look terrible, but they are really not so noticeable. I may have to give that one a look in the store!

  4. OMG, Jinah! I'm always so impressed by the thoroughness of your posts on Anthro. And you have a really good eye and know what fits you right where- I need to learn that for me. Sometimes I get too caught up in loving the color or the pattern that I sacrifice fit and I know that is a big no, no. I'm particularly in love with the Oroyo dress. And I think you should defo get the Caballo dress- gorgeous!
    ps- do you wait for sales for all of your wish list? Or only when you are on self-imposed shopping bans (I'm so bad at the those).

  5. Great reviews! The sun dot and caballo falls dresses are to-die-for on you! I've been crushing on the oroya dress for a while, too bad it's not "all that" in person :(

  6. Lar--It depends on a couple of factors whether I'll wait for a sale: how much I love the item, whether the item is a "hot" seller and is likely to sell out, and well, the state of my bank account. Haha!

    Tara--The Oroya dress was so gorge on Maria. I must not have the body type for it. It was a hard fit!

  7. Those dresses are gorgeous! Absolutely love the sun dot dress!

  8. Fabulous reviews Jinah :) So helpful. And I am in love with the Caballo Falls dress on you most of all, it looks just perfect. I vote that be your post-Lent purchase!

  9. That tweed skirt is a must for me now. Love the dresses!

  10. Ooh, Ash, the tweed skirt would be adorable on you! Please show us when/if you get it!


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