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Friday, March 5

90's Floral Dress



Outfit details: Kimchi Blue Floral Dress (similarish here) 
BDG Cardigan (same as yesterday's, find it in solids here)
H&M Studded Denim jacket (similar here)
Jeffrey Campbell Rilla Boots
Aldo Varble flats

Hoorah! I am officially on Spring Break 2010! I'll be catching up on my favorite blogs starting tomorrow. I had to block Google Reader in order to get all of my work done.

I first spotted this dress on Diane Kruger, and thought it was such a flirty summery frock. When I heard it was available at an accessible retailer (Urban Outfitters!), I had to track it down. It became one of those weird mystical items that I felt hellbent on finding. The only two stores in Atlanta never seemed to have my size, and I hunted through stores in Chicago and the new one in Savannah that month and finally found it. On sale! Whee!

And I'm happy to say that we are getting along quite nicely. It translates from 90s grunge to girly and school appropriate with a few quick wardrobe adjustments.

The first outfit was what I originally planned to wear today. Then I was studying for my late evening exam and realized that there was no way I was going to be able to sit still for 3 hours in class in those boots. It's always too hot or too cold at school so knee high boots were not the best idea It also doesn't help that I am a chronic foot tapper/shaker and the heels are wooden. I didn't think that my classmates would have found that particularly pleasing.

I'm happy with the resulting outfit, even though it's a lot less edgy.


  1. hi Jinah! i love your outfit! was wondering if you could tell me where the scarf is from. i love the look of scarves, but i have a shortish neck and have yet to find that perfect scarf!

  2. I love this. Every single outfit you've created in this post is absolutely beautiful. Happy spring break!

  3. Jinah, super sweet look... and yay for spring break!! Hope you have a great time off.

    xx Love & Aloha

  4. hehe, the first look is so 8th grade me (except my Doc's were the 8 eye, not knee high)! I miss my Doc's. :)

  5. I love this dress... you may have inspired my own quest to obtain one as well! I love it best with the purple/pink cardigan :)

  6. So cute! I love that youre doing the acid washed denim jacket because I love mine to pieces! Nice to know I'm not that crazy haha :)


  7. Love the dress! You can create such different looks! Saw you on Asian Cajuns and the Atlanta magazine - congrats! Will link you on my blog... xoxoxo

  8. Happy Spring Break! LOVE this dress, esp with the cardi!

  9. Hi Jinah,
    Love the different looks with the dress! Hope you have a fun and relaxing Spring Break!
    ~ Athena

  10. This is a great post! It's given me a lot of inspiration for a couple of similar dresses I wasn't sure how to style. Thanks!
    the renegade bean

  11. Aw, you look so cute! And I have that dress too I think, although in a slightly different colorway.

    LOL, if I only blocked Google Reader, I'm sure I would get *tons* more work done. Alas, I don't have your willpower. However, I'm glad all that's done now and you can frolic and procrastinate all you want :) Have a wonderful Spring Break Jinah!!

  12. great look for both styled outfits!!! :D one's edgy, the other's sweet looking!!

  13. both looks are amazing-1st is edgy & the other lovely!! love your boots on the 1st outfit!!


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