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Friday, March 26




Outfit details: Anthropologie Walk-A-Ways Dress (similar here and here)
Line Ruffled Open Cardigan (available in grey)
Target Polka dot tights (similar in colors)
Minnetonka Knee Hi Lace up boots

I really like this set of colors together, and decided to just go for it. I feel a little bit like I am in a Mondrian piece!

Do you ever wake up feeling like you hate all of your clothes? I had one of those mornings and decided it was time for two things--first, laundry (my wardrobe doubles again afterward) and second, open my warm weather clothes boxes that had been in storage. This dress emerged and I decided to layer on for the chilly day.

I feel like I whine about the weather in every post, but it really is completely erratic here! Have you been able to wear your Spring gear nonstop? I've been itching to wear shorts, but it's never quite warm enough!


  1. Yesterday one of my coworkers said to me "you must have a dream closet" to which I responded "at this very moment I feel like I have nothing to wear."

    This delayed spring weather has me in a wardrobe slump.

  2. that bright blue is so fantastic!!

    i'm making a list for my sister in atl to box up some spring stuff to send to me. the weather has been so crazy i don't need it asap, but it'll be good to have.

  3. I love the bright blue! And I definitely have those "ALL MY CLOTHES SUCK" days waaaay too often... It usually happens when things just don't fit right for whatever reason. Odd. Good luck with laundry! And I love your little patio!

  4. Adore the color pairings!! I wish we had an Anthro here in Hawaii!! It's such a beautiful store. :)... and there are always great sales!!

    xx Love & Aloha


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