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Tuesday, March 16

Post-Ban Wishlist

Y'all, obviously I have a problem. First off, this whole shopping ban thing is not working, at all. First, H&M, then Target? I need to just not step foot in these places for the next 20 days.

One of my besties says that sometimes you can't just quit your habit cold turkey. I feel better when I'm allowed just a little bit at a time. What helps me (besides going on random well priced collaboration binges?)? Window shopping.

The other day I let myself go into Anthropologie. I grabbed all of the things that have piqued my interest that fellow bloggers have been trying and buying and brought them to the fitting room to hang out for a while. I made it clear that no one would be going home with me that night. I made a few friends and distanced myself from others.

Okay, I'm ready for a well-timed sale 21 days from now, haha.

Scalloped Sailor Skirt, $88

First up is this really cute sailor skirt, which I immediately loved for its girly details and sailor vibe. Very me, and a perfect addition to my wardrobe. I don't have any denim skirts, and chambray is a perfect weight for the summers in Atlanta.

I grabbed a size 2 (I'm usually a straight 0 in bottoms) since it looked like it could be tight on the hanger. And I feel like I've gained random ell-bees in the tummy and def needed a two. I feel like on wider frames the scallops and button placement could be unflattering.

Also reviewed by Shannon and Tien.


Also it goes perfectly with the color scheme I am leaning towards for spring/summer. I love how it pairs with this coral sweater I was wearing the day I tried it on!


Wright Dress, $168

I adore this! I thought it might be too childish or cutesy in person, but I think it has exactly the "Wright" amount of charm. Har har. I waited forever to finally cave and try this baby since I knew I would either love or hate it.

Strapless dresses are a struggle for me so usually I just avoid avoid avoid. It's either they squish the crap out of my underarms or my chest doesn't fill it up quite enough to keep it in place. This one is somehow magically constructed so that it works. I'm a 2 on top for most purposes, but fit a 0 in this comfortably.

I've been saving my pennies and might just splurge come April. Or maybe (fingers crossed) it will get marked down soon after. Love this! I think it would be perfect with many of my cardis and jackets.

Also see it on Anjali, Amy, and Tien.
Reed Shirtdress, $118

Yeah, yeah. I already have this in the solid navy. But when the blue plaid version came out, I really really wanted that one too! But every single time I try on a buffalo check plaid, this is how I feel. It's just so, so not me. The fit is the same as on the solid, but why oh why does the majority of plaid make me feel like such a doofus? Maybe the conservative business environment has been deeply drilled into me. I'm happy with my navy rendition.

Also the one I own is a 0 and this is a 2 I thought I'd try to fit my food babby. I think the 0 was better but it was fighting a little with my diaphragm. It's fitted in the waist and chest and free in the hips.

It works for and looks great on these lovely ladies: Rosa, Dea, Anjali, Kim, and Vanessa.


Free Flow Tank, $78

I had to try this on after seeing it being styled in so many amazing ways! I still think it is adorable, but the color totally washes me out. I would have happily purchased it in coral or a jewel tone. I wasn't as wowed by the navy version (and navy is my jam!). I was also surprised that it was a pull-on top. The back is jersey which makes it extra comfortable to wear. I would consider getting this if Anthro happened to pull in  more color options. Which is entirely possible.

Also I don't love it on its own. I feel like it's doing crazy things on my bosomas. But since this would probably be worn layered with a cardi or blazer, I am still going to hold out. Coral, teal, or raspberry.

I'm wearing a XS here.

See it being super cute on: Amy, Anjali, Roxy, the British Anthropologist, Kim, and Chloe.

So did this stave off some anxiety from not hitting the shops? Yes, a bit. Can't wait to zoom around in the planes dress this summer when it is in my grubby little hands!


  1. Ooh, Jinah-reviews, I love! :) And hi, I think you look *absolutely fantastic* in the Scalloped Sailor Skirt, just awesome, seriously. You have to get it once you are off your shopping-ban! I hear rumblings that it might go on sale soon on Roxy's blog, so hopefully it will still be around. And my second favorite piece on you is the Wright Dress -- too cute!

  2. I love the Wright dress!!!

    xx Love & Aloha

  3. You're torturing yourself by going in! :) I'm just steering clear until Easter... I might even go shopping the day before on Saturday. It's no longer Lent then, right? :)

  4. I love trying clothes on when I know I'm not purchasing because it gives me the chance to cross items off the list. At least half the items I want are never right for me even though I love them and that happened with the chambray skirt. I love it but its tight on my hips a loose on my waist.

  5. I love all your Anthroplogie-ness- and such a thorough window shopping. I applaud you for not buying anything. When I'm lazy and broke, I like to online windowshop. I put a bunch of stuff in a bag online and see the total price and don't end up buying anything. I'm not sure why this works- but it does!
    ps- we need to do a blogger meet-up this spring, Jinah! Mebbe we can hit the anthro sale together?

  6. You must, must, must buy that Wright Dress and Scalloped Sailor Skirt -they are both perfection on you!
    Thanks for the reviews and the link love my dear :-)

  7. I read the headline and thought "what did she get banned from"? lol guess I've got something else on my mind.

    I looked at Anthro for the first in about a month today, and think I'm going to have to force myself to stay away as well! I love that Wright/airplane dress, and way too many of the new dresses online right now.

    Hope you're eventually able to snag the wright dress!

  8. Thanks for the reviews Jinah! The scalloped sailor skirt and the wright dress should definitly be your first post shopping ban purchases - you look darling in them. It's hard to tell from the pictures, but did the wright dress hit right at the knee?

  9. Justine--Haha, it's so hard not buying! But then again, it's a little easier since I used to have a killer discount and the prices feel inflated full price.

    Rachel--Hehe, no I didn't *get banned* from anything. This is a self inflicted ban.

    Lauren--That sounds like so much fun! I am officially only working two jobs (instead of the insane amount of three) starting Sunday and will be free on a regular basis!

    Athena--Good question...Hmm I don't remember exactly where the hem hit, but it definitely wasn't *short* on. Maybe an inch or two above the knee at most? On the model it looks like 2-3 inches above the knee, but she is probably Amazon tall. It passed the bend over test. I'm 5'4"-5'5" if that helps at all.

  10. Ahh, I love all of these on you, even the plaid dress! I don't think the buffalo plaid is overwhelming at all. I ESPECIALLY love the Wright dress and sailor skirt on you! I usually have a hard time fitting strapless dresses too, but for whatever reason, the Wright dress just worked.

  11. I love the Wright dress!!!

    xx Love & Aloha


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