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Saturday, January 9

The Reed Shirtdress <3



Outfit details: Moulinette Soeurs Reed Shirtdress 

Anthropologie Lemondrops necklace 
(beautiful spendy similar version
here and affordable version here)

Anthropologie Equestrian Waist Belt 
(handmade similar here and on sale similar here!)

Chinese Laundry Turbo OTK boots 
(in leather here and similar here)

Target dotted tights circa 2008
(almost identical here)

Man, I wish the lighting were more reliable in this corner of the house! And that it wasn't next to the front door... I keep worrying that the roommates or the UPS man will walk by and see me through the frosted glass and laugh at me.

Anyway, this is what I wore to run errands and make a run to my new favorite fabric store Intown Quilters. This shirtdress was a last-minute purchase. I thought about it for weeks and weeks and supply kept trickling down. I finally broke down and bought it, full price and all as a little Christmas gift to myself. I was at my local store today, and it looks like there are quite a few left in both solids! The printed check is really adorable too. Very cute with cowboy boots and a fringey accessory.

It's also a very good substitute for the DVF shirtdress that Jennifer Garner seems to love. You know, this one?

THE DvF dress. Google J. Garner. You will see.

Comes in primary colors, very girly and preppy and prim? Love it. I'm excited to wear this little dress year round. It is a lined breathable cotton, and will be great even in summer if I lose the tights. So many possibilities with this one!

And what did I pick up at the fabric shop? A bunch of fat quarters--perfect for a new quilting project in the new year.

Assortment of Amy Butler prints!

This is actually a handselected assortment of Amy Butler's "Love" collection. I'm excited to finally have good-sized snippets of all of these to work with! Once I graph out my pattern fully, I'll start posting my progress. 


  1. 1. I keep wanting to buy that belt even though I have almost the same belt but with embossed flowers on it. Maybe I should get the black one.

    2. I tried the reed dress on when it first came in but its all wrong for my shape. I'm thinking about trying it on one more time just to make sure because I love it that much.

    3. What's your kitty's name?

  2. That Shirtdress looks like it was made with your body in mind. The fit looks immaculate. I'm kicking myself now for not having bought it in the navy- it's sold out in every frigging size online, and my store (tysons, va) never got it! >.<
    ps: thanks for the blog love!!

  3. How have I missed your blog? You are adorable and have amazing style!!
    Thanks for having me on your blog roll too! I'm adding yours to my roll now :-)

  4. Looks gorgeous on you! I love that dress, which sadly does not work as well on me.

  5. I adore this whole outfit! The necklace is splendid and the boots are hot!! Just really dig the whole look.
    Found your blog recently, I think it's cute!


  6. That dress! You make me regret not buying it. I love how you paired the white dotted tights with it, so fun! Looking forward to seeing how your quilting project unfolds!

  7. That dress has been on my wishlist. I love how you styled it.

    Love the fabric assortments. Looking forward to seeing what you make with them.

  8. Great the color.

  9. You look adorable in the OTK boots, spotted tights and I'm quite drawn to the lemondrops necklace. What a lovely blog!! xx

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