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Tuesday, January 5

Gift Yourself: Blingy Jewels

Get yourself some bling in 2010!

Sure lipstick and nail polish are nice little pick me ups, but I can't think of a better way to spend some of those holiday checks than on some new jewels! A new necklace, ring, or bracelet is a great way to make your outfits from 2009 a little more jazzy.

1. Short Ribbon Chain Necklace by Lisa for Loft ($34.99, and currently an extra 25% off!). As seen on Kim, this is a very affordable sweet piece to anchor your girly outfits. I actually was gifted this by my sister and I've worn it almost everyday since Christmas!

2. Surface to Air 3 Finger Ring ($55). This is really edgy but still classic at the same time. I feel like you can wear this with a cupcake dress but still look tough enough to punch someone in the face. You need this. Heck I need this.

3. Wendy Brandes Swear Rings ($375 for the set). I think Miss B does a great job of promoting these herself, but dang why do they have to be so awesome? I heavily hinted to all of my loved ones that I need some of her jewels, but I think my messages didn't quite get through. If you are an in-de-pen-dent wo-man, you need these. If you get two sets, can you send me the extra? Kthx.

4. Maya Brenner State Necklace ($80-120). I geek out over personalized jewelry. Not only does this piece come in both silver and gold, you can add on a diamond to the state in the location of your choice for a little extra! Yes there are others on etsy and the rest of the interwebs to choose from, but I think you should get this one. Di-diamonds on my neck.

5. Baby Kitty Necklace by Michelle Chang ($210 for 14k gold with diamonds, pictured. Similar by Michelle are available for as low as $48 for the sterling silver!). Why is it a baby kitty necklace? Because this little lovely is teeny! Which I think makes it that much cuter. She also has skulls, elephants, and even umbrellas in her etsy shop! Everything is so fripping cute!

Witness the teeniness!


  1. Omagah love the baby kitty necklace, how cute is that!!? I've been reading your blog for a while now, and just wanted to stop by and let you know how much I enjoy it ^^

  2. I've loved Maya Brenner for as along as I can remember. She makes amazing stuff.

  3. Ack! I want all of these Jinah! Too bad my birthday is 6 months away. I'm especially a fan of the teeniness!!!

    ps- I want to see more photos of your apt, Jinah! The glimpses we get to see are so awesome ;) In our new apartment, Cath and I have our dad's old mid-century furniture. So we had to say good bye to ikea- le sigh.

  4. Awwwwwww, the kitty necklace! :D That is too cute!

    I tagged you for a Happiness Award over on my blog! :) Here's the link, if you'd like to check it out!


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